How Long Does A Pedicure Take And How Often Should You Do? 

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how long does a pedicure take

As a beginner, women often wonder how long does pedicure takes before fixing their pedicure appointments. You must take enough time from your busy schedule to have a memorable spa-like experience. Here, you’ll know how long does a pedicure takes and when to reschedule it. 

What Is A Pedicure?

A pedicure is a treatment for feet and helps to enhance the look of your feet. A single session of pedicure will give you soft, smooth legs with painted toenails. This foot treatment is very beneficial for overall foot health and well-being.

The steps involved in a pedicure treatment will make your feet look and feel fantastic! It’s a nice feeling to be pampered but do you know how long does a pedicure take? Keep on reading to find the answer!

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How Long Does A Pedicure Take To Complete?

A regular pedicure session will take up to 30 to 45 minutes to complete when done in a salon. However, the time still will be the same even if you do a pedicure at home.

In a salon, you’ll get different pedicure opinions to choose from. Thus, the time required for a pedicure will vary depending on the type of pedicure you choose. You can keep on scrolling to get into the details.

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Time Required For Different Pedicure Types

Below, I have listed down some common types of pedicures along with the procedure time.

  1. French Pedicure

Very basic steps are there in this pedicure: foot soak, scrub, massage, moisturize followed by nail polish application. The French tip pedicure will take an average of 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

  1. Paraffin Pedicure
Paraffin Pedicure

Paraffin pedicures take more time to complete compared to regular pedicures, i.e. 70 to 90 minutes approx. In a paraffin pedicure, paraffin wax and wraps are used to seal moisture into the skin.

  1. Gel Pedicure
Gel Pedicure

The entire gel pedicure treatment can take up to 60 to 70 minutes approx to complete. More time is required for this pedicure type because gel polish needs to be cured and sealed properly.

  1. Zero Gravity Pedicure

A zero-gravity pedicure is a luxurious spa pedicure that takes roughly about 60 minutes to complete. A signature zero gravity chair is used for a better pedicure experience. 

  1. Dry Pedicure
Dry Pedicure

Approximately 25 to 30 minutes are enough to complete a dry pedicure procedure. As it’s a waterless pedicure, you don’t have to soak your feet in a foot bath.

Other pedicure types like chocolate pedicure and wine pedicure will take up to 30 minutes and 30 to 40 minutes approx. to complete.

Why Does A Pedicure Take So Much Time To Complete?

A pedicure treatment not only helps you to flaunt your pretty nails but also heals your feet. A pedicure session may take longer time depending on the condition of your feet. 

Here are a few reasons why a pedicure takes so long to complete.

  1. Sometimes deep exfoliation is needed to remove roughness and smoothen the skin.
  2. A few salons offer add-on luxury services like hot towels and wax treatments to enhance the overall experience.
  3. Nail technicians need to work precisely to create flawless results.
  4. More time is required to dry the nail polish when UV/LED light is not used.

Now, let’s check out how often to get a pedicure to maintain the results.

How Often To Do A Pedicure?

It’s better to get a pedicure done once every three to four weeks. However, women who only prefer to touch up their toenails can do it every one to two weeks.

To Conclude

In the above post, I’ve explained how long does a pedicure take briefly. A regular pedicure can be easily completed in 30 to 45 minutes. This time spent at a salon is worthwhile as it’ll make you feel rejuvenated! Next time, ensure that you’ve plenty of time if you wish to pamper your feet by exploring different types of pedicures.


How Long Does A Paraffin Pedicure Take?

A paraffin pedicure can take approximately 70 to 90 minutes to complete. This is because of the additional steps involved in applying and removing paraffin wax from the legs.

How Can I Maintain My Pedicure?

You can easily maintain your pedicure by applying a thin layer of top coat every week. Just make sure you don’t apply too many layers of top coat or else your nail polish can chip.

Which Things Should I Avoid During A Pedicure?

Following are a couple of things you must avoid during a pedicure.

  1. Wear the wrong shoes right after the pedicure.
  2. Cutting your nails too short before going to a pedicure.
  3. Cleaning nails by using sharp tools.

Is Pedicure Good For Feet?

Yes, a pedicure is good for your feet as it helps to soothe and soften them. It also protects your feet from fungal infections, ingrown nails, calluses, corns, and cracked heels.