Paraffin Pedicure: Benefits, Side Effects, And Cost

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Paraffin Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures play an important role when it comes to grooming. These days paraffin pedicures have gained huge popularity after a gel pedicure. So, are you aware of this new pedicure type? If not, let’s together explore everything about paraffin pedicure in detail.

What Is A Paraffin Pedicure?

A paraffin pedicure is a type of pedicure done by using a warm paraffin wax. This is one of the most luxurious spa treatments that helps to rejuvenate your tired feet. The final results of the paraffin pedicure will soften your feet, toenails, and cuticles.

This pedicure type is not just a beauty treatment. You can keep on reading to learn everything related to paraffin pedicure.

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Benefits Of Paraffin Pedicure

Here are some health benefits of paraffin pedicures you must be aware of before going ahead with this treatment. 

  1. It helps to keep your feet well hydrated in winters and also during dry summers.
  2. This foot treatment is best for those suffering from calluses and dry patches.
  3. Paraffin pedicures also help in treating sore joints and muscles.
  4. People suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint issues will get maximum benefits from this pedicure.
  5. This therapy will increase your blood flow, relax muscles, and minimize joint stiffness.
  6. It is also very helpful in treating sprains, swelling, and reducing inflammation.

Thus, if you look at the different types of pedicures, you find the paraffin pedicure the best one!

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Side Effects Of Paraffin Pedicure

There are a few side effects of paraffin pedicures you must consider before using it on your body.

  1. People suffering from dry skin must avoid this treatment as they can get heat rashes.
  2. This therapy can make your skin itchy and more dry.
  3. Your skin can get burned or damaged if the paraffin wax is too hot.

People having low blood circulation and diabetes must avoid this pedicure treatment as it can damage your skin cells. 

Process Of Paraffin Pedicure

Women often know what do they do in a pedicure, but what about paraffin pedicure? Below are the steps included in a paraffin pedicure treatment at a salon or spa.

  1. Cleaning Feet

The procedure starts by first deep cleansing the feet by using warm soapy water. This helps to remove all dirt and debris from the feet and leaves them soft and clean.

  1. Exfoliating Feet

The expert starts exfoliating the feet by using a foot scrub. All the dead skin and rough patches will be removed from the feet. A foot filer can also be used for further exfoliation if required.

  1. Prepping Nails

The nails are now cut, filed, and shaped according to your needs. The cuticles are softly pushed back with a cuticle pusher. Any excess dead skin around nails is trimmed by using a cuticle trimmer. A cuticle oil or cream is applied to your nails to finish this step.

  1. Applying Paraffin Wax

Once the feet are ready, they are dipped into a warm paraffin wax bath. The legs are dipped into the wax a couple of times until 8-10 layers of wax are there on the feet/legs. Make sure you wait for the wax to dry before getting the next layer.

  1. Wrapping Feet

When several layers of paraffin wax are applied to the legs, the wax will get hardened. Plastic or warm towels are wrapped around the legs. This will help the paraffin wax to penetrate the skin easily.

  1. Removing Paraffin Wax

The expert will keep the paraffin wax on the feet for at least 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the wax will be peeled or removed from the skin. The skin will be soft and smoother once the wax is removed. 

  1. Moisturizing Feet

To complete the treatment, a good layer of moisturizer is applied on the feet to seal the moisture. A gentle massage in small circular motions is also given to make the skin smooth and nourished.

As your feet are dipped into the paraffin wax, this treatment will take about 60 to 70 minutes approximately to complete. Here is the tutorial on paraffin pedicure beauty treatment done by an expert.

Tips To Consider To Get Most From Paraffin Pedicures

As I have mentioned earlier, paraffin pedicure does have benefits and side effects. It’s best to consider the following tips to get the maximum benefits from paraffin pedicures without harming your skin.

  1. Athletes can use this pedicure treatment to relax sore soles.
  2. People allergic to petroleum products must avoid this treatment.
  3. Pregnant women can do this treatment but with proper precautions and after consulting doctors.
  4. Make sure you always visit a reputed nail salon or spa for this pedicure treatment.
  5. You can repeat this foot treatment every month for maximum benefits.

Cost Of Paraffin Pedicures

Paraffin pedicures can cost you about $20 to $40 roughly depending on the nail salon or spa you choose. It can cost you more if you choose to add on some additional services like nail art.

Closing Lines

A paraffin pedicure is a super luxurious spa treatment that helps to treat dry, rough feet. The most interesting part of this pedicure session is that your legs are coated with paraffin wax. Thus, this pedicure treatment will make you feel pampered and make your feet super soft.


Does Paraffin Pedicure Help To Improve Blood Flow Of Feet?

Yes, paraffin pedicure helps to improve and increase the blood flow of the feet. Once the blood flow increases, the muscle tension and soreness will decrease.

Who Should Not Do Paraffin Pedicure?

The paraffin pedicure is not suitable if you’re suffering from the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Reynaud’s Syndrome
  • Varicose Veins

How Is A Paraffin Pedicure Different From A Regular Pedicure?

In regular pedicures, only the top skin layers are treated. On the other side, paraffin pedicures treat, repair, and make your feet soft and smooth for several days.

How Is Paraffin Pedicure Done At Salon Safer Than Done At Home?

It is better to get paraffin pedicures done by experts at the salon for safety. Paraffin pedicures when done at home can lead to side effects like skin burn. This treatment can be risk-free only when done under proper guidance.