Different Types Of Pedicures You Must Know

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Different Types Of Pedicures

It is essential to pamper and take good care of your feet to make them appear healthy and polished. In today’s post, you’ll learn about a pedicure and its benefits. Here, I have also mentioned different types of pedicures meant for specific foot and nail treatments. Without wasting much time, let’s together explore the world of pedicures!

What Is A Pedicure?

A pedicure is a relaxing foot treatment that keeps your feet healthy and gets your toenails painted. It also helps get smoother toes by exfoliating dead skin from your feet. You can easily get this treatment done at nail salons as well as at home depending on your comfort.

 Apart from the pedicure definition, you must also know the types of this foot treatment. Keep on reading if you want to explore the different types of pedicures

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Different Types Of Pedicures

In this section, you’ll get to know all the different types of pedicures available in nail salons.

  1. Regular Full Pedicure

A regular full pedicure is one of the most loved and affordable pedicures that gives quick results by taking less time. This pedicure involves a foot bath, exfoliation, grooming toenails, massage, and nail polish application.

  1. Mini Pedicure

Mini pedicures are like regular pedicures only but here the expert only focuses on your toes. This pedicure requires very little time as it involves a quick foot soak, nail trimming, and shaping followed by nail polish application.

  1. French Pedicure

Another popular pedicure that is similar to a regular pedicure is a French pedicure. This pedicure gives you French toenails where the nail beds are sheer or nude and the nail tips are painted with white polish. 

  1. Gel Pedicure

A gel pedicure uses gel nail polish instead of regular polish for long-lasting nail color. This pedicure involves three layers of gel polishes; base coat, nail color of your choice, and top coat. This pedicure is more expensive than a normal pedicure because here UV light is used to cure the nail color.

  1. Paraffin Pedicure

A Paraffin pedicure is a pedicure that is done by using a paraffin wax bath! The starting procedure of this pedicure is a little similar to regular pedicures excluding the foot bath. Here, warm paraffin wax is poured on your legs and feet to promote foot health.

  1. Fish Pedicure

A fish pedicure is a fuss-free pedicure that is done by using Garra Rufa fish. This pedicure is best for those who are in a hurry and want smoother feet in no time. You can also check out this video if you want to know how this pedicure is done.

  1. Spa Pedicure

Spa pedicures are the upgraded versions of normal pedicures. This pedicure is expensive as special products like mud masks, paraffin dip, and other luxurious pedicure products are used.

  1. Athletic Pedicure

Athletic pedicures also known as sports pedicures are specifically designed pedicures for athlete’s feet. This pedicure involves special massaging techniques to reduce muscle tension and increase blood flow.

  1. Dry Pedicure

Another popular pedicure type is the dry pedicure which is also known as a waterless pedicure. It follows the same regular pedicure procedure but without soaking your feet in water. Here, an electric nail drill or file is used for nail care.

  1. Shellac Pedicure

A Shellac pedicure uses Shellac nail polish to get long-lasting, glossy nails that remain chip-free for several days! It is the softer version of gel pedicures with fewer side effects. The nail polish application involves three stages: base coat, Shellac polish, and top coat.

You can keep on reading to check out other different types of pedicures.

  1. Margarita Pedicure

A margarita pedicure is a very less common pedicure that involves a lime foot bath and a salt scrub. This pedicure is completed by applying a lime-flavored massage oil and moisturizer. It is best used to treat sun damage and pigmented legs.

  1. Chocolate Pedicure

A chocolate pedicure involves all chocolate flavor products like chocolate foot soak, chocolate scrub, and chocolate lotion. This particular pedicure will surely give you a pleasant experience.

  1. Hot Stone Pedicure

A hot stone pedicure is a pedicure where the expert uses hot stones on different pressure points to reduce tension. It is best for people who majorly focus on muscle relaxation along with painted toenails.

  1. Wine Pedicure

A wine pedicure is an anti-aging foot treatment where your feet are soaked in wine instead of water. Here, the wine extracts help in healing cracked, dry heels by making them soft.

  1. Zero-Gravity Pedicure

A zero-gravity pedicure is a luxurious pedicure treatment that is done in a zero-gravity chair. This treatment uses unique techniques to clean your feet and grom your toenails.

  1. Shanghai Pedicure

The Shanghai pedicure was originally founded in Hong Kong and is often done by master nail technicians. These experts use special metal blades to remove dry, rough, dead skin cells from your feet.

Let us now check out some uncommon different types of pedicures.

  1. Salt Pedicure

In a salt pedicure, your feet are soaked in foot soak by using different salts like Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, or sea salt. This pedicure helps to treat medical conditions, promotes skin hydration, and reduces dry skin.

  1. Ice Cream Pedicure

An ice cream pedicure is just like a regular pedicure but uses ice cream-flavored exfoliating scrubs. First, your feet are soaked in a bubble bath and then exfoliated by using a chocolate/vanilla/strawberry scrub.

  1. Milk & Honey Pedicure

A milk and honey pedicure is a moisturizing pedicure that helps to get soft and supple feet. Here, your feet are soaked in warm milk instead of water, a sugar scrub exfoliation followed by a honey foot mask.

  1. Rose Pedicure

A rose pedicure is a pedicure that uses products with floral extracts to nourish your feet. It involves a rose petal-filled foot soak, rose petal scrub, rose-base moisturizer, and rose oil. This pedicure is also known as a floral pedicure. 

You can now easily pamper your feet by choosing your favorite type from different types of pedicures! 

Before getting any foot treatment, you must know what is included in a pedicure. You can keep on reading to know the basic pedicure procedure. 

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What To Expect From A Pedicure Of Any Type?

In a pedicure, you’ll expect a warm foot bath, exfoliation, nail grooming, cuticle care, foot massage, and nail polish application. Nail grooming involves nail cutting, nail buffing, and nail shaping. In cuticle care, your cuticles are pushed back and trimmed with a cuticle pusher and trimmer. For foot exfoliation, a foot scrub, pumice stone, or foot file is used.

Are you curious to know which pedicure is best fit for you? Keep on reading to know the tips to choose the right pedicure.

Tips To Choose The Right Type Of Pedicure

As there are different types of pedicures to choose from, you must always choose the one that works for your feet. Check out these quick tips that will help you to choose the best pedicure for your feet.

  1. Always choose the pedicure that fulfills your personal needs.
  2. If you want long-lasting results, you can opt for Gel or Shellac pedicures.
  3. For a luxurious experience, you can either choose a spa or a zero-gravity pedicure.
  4. An athletic pedicure is best suitable for sports persons.
  5. People prone to dry and cracked heels must go for nourishing pedicures.

Other important factors like foot health and lifestyle also help you choose the right pedicure for yourself.

If you want to avoid frequent salon visits, you must learn to maintain your pedicure. Keep on scrolling to learn simple foot care tips for long-lasting pedicures.

Tips To Maintain Your Pedicure

Here are some quick tips that will help your different types of pedicures.

  • Keep your feet well moisturized by using foot creams.
  • Apply cuticle oil on each toenail every 2 to 3 days.
  • You can gently buff dead skin from your heels twice a week.
  • Wear socks indoors or outdoors to avoid bacterial infections.
  • You can apply a layer of top coat if you notice chipping or peeling.
  • Apply sunscreen on your feet and toenails to protect them from sun damage.
  • Avoid taking hot showers as it can make your feet dry.

Thus, these foot care tips will help your feet look polished and keep skin soft. You can keep on reading if you are excited to know pedicure benefits.

Benefits Of Pedicures

Doing pedicures regularly can benefit your feet in the following ways:

  • It helps to get rid of all dead skin, rough spots, calluses, and dry skin.
  • Foot massage will improve overall blood circulation.
  • Pedicures help in reducing muscle tension and foot pain.
  • This foot treatment helps to diagnose and treat foot infections.
  • Pedicures make sure that your feet and toenails are clean and free of any fungal infections.
  • A relaxing foot massage and foot soak can treat health conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue.
  • Your sleep quality may also improve when the treatment is done by an expert.

Surprisingly, this treatment comes with a variety of options that offer different experiences.

Closing Statement

A pedicure is a foot pampering session that gently treats your feet and toenails. There are different types of pedicures out there that will give you happy and healthy feet. Apart from a classic pedicure, you can explore gel pedicures for long-lasting results or spa pedicures for a luxurious experience!


What Precautions Should I Take Before Getting A Pedicure?

You must take the following precautions before getting a pedicure.

  • Never shave your legs before getting a pedicure to avoid skin irritation.
  • Check whether the nail expert uses clean, sterilized tools.
  • Always check the water temperature used for foot soaking to avoid skin burns.
  • Inform the expert about your skin allergies previously.

Which Is The Best Pedicure Suitable For Dry Feet?

Paraffin pedicures are best suitable for dry feet as they deeply moisturize your skin by providing extra hydration and care.

What Is Included In A Mini Pedicure?

A mini pedicure involves nail polish removal, nail filing, nail trimming, nail buffing, cuticle care, and nail polish application.

Is A Waterless Pedicure Good For My Toenails?

Yes, a waterless pedicure is good for your toenails as it uses an electric nail file or drill to clean and shape toenails.