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Mr. Beast Members

Are you curious to know who are Mr. Beast members? MrBeast is known for its high-production videos, challenges, and giveaways. The team members are often involved in various projects. Today, I’ll tell you everything you must know about Mr. Beast members. 

Mr. Beast Members

Mr. Beast members feature Jimmy Donaldson, Kris Tyson, Karl Jacobs, Chandler Hollow, and Nolan Hansen. These five members are often referred to as the Beast Gang. These people often appear in almost all MrBeast videos.

You can keep on reading further to discover more about Mr. Beast members.

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Members of Mr. Beast Channel

Members of Mr. Beast Channel

Here, I’ll share the in-depth information of all Mr. Beast members.

  1. Jimmy Donaldson

Jimmy Donaldson is the main member of MrBeast who is a well-established philanthropist and YouTuber. Mr. Beast is popular for his amusing videos and charity work. He has earned a huge following worldwide because of his famous challenges and donations. By using Mr. Beast’s phone number, postal address, creative team, or Mr.Beast’s email, you can easily get in touch with the YouTuber.

  1. Kris Tyson

The next Mr. Beast member is Kris Tyson who was formerly known as Chris Tyson. Kris is a famous YouTube personality and the co-host of the MrBeast YouTube channel. He appears in most MrBeast videos along with Jimmy Donaldson. In addition to this, Kris actively participates in challenges and prank videos. You can check out this article to learn more about Mr. Beast’s gay friend.

  1. Karl Jacobs

Mr. Beast member Karl Jacobs is a well-known content creator. He majorly gained popularity by appearing in funny videos produced by Jimmy Donaldson. Due to his engaging personality and comedic talent, he quickly became people’s favorite. Apart from Mr.Beast, Karl also collaborates with Minecraft YouTubers. This includes Dream, Subpoena, and GeorgeNotFound.

You can keep on reading to know the details of other Mr. Beast members.

Karl also actively participates in philanthropic events such as The Creator Games, Last to Leave, and more challenges. In this, the player needs to complete the challenge to earn a significant amount of money. This earned money is often donated to charitable works organized by Mr.Beast.

  1. Chandler Hollow

Chandler Hollow is another member of Mr. Beast‘s YouTube channel. He is majorly known for his funny moments and comedic talent. You must have constantly seen him in videos besides Mr. Beast and the rest crew. Just like other members, Chandler actively participates in challenges, philanthropic events, and engaging content.

However, Chandler’s efforts have significantly boosted the channel’s views. The channel is now famous among those who enjoy watching entertaining and engaging content on YouTube.

  1. Nolan Hansen

Nolan H. Hansen is the fifth Mr. Beast member who is a famous social media influencer. Nolan majorly gained popularity with his involvement in the MrBeast YouTube channel. Mr.Beast gave him recognition, fame, and opportunities to get connected with a wider audience.

He first appeared in the videoI Spent $1,00,000 on Lottery Tickets”. Later, he slowly appeared in the channel’s other challenge videos. As of now, Mr.Beast is the main member of the Beast Gang.

Apart from the current members, there are some of Mr.Beast’s former members you must know. Keep on reading to know more about Mr. Beast members.

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Mr. Beast Former Members

Now that you know the current Mr. Beast members, here are the details of Mr.Beast’s former members for your reference.

  1. Jake The Viking

Jake The Viking is a YouTuber who is famous for his paranormal investigations. He also does vlogging and was previously working for MrBeast. The YouTuber has a significant number of followers on his YouTube channel. In addition to this, he has recently started boxing and also played a match against Malcom Minikon. As of now, Jake The Viking has been dating model Shelby Dueitt since 2018.

  1. Garrett Ronalds

The next former member of MrBeast is Garrett Ronalds. Being an ex-crew member of MrBeast, Garrett used to appear in their challenges videos. He even won prizes by participating in various challenges. However, Garrett left Mr.Beast in 2020.

  1. Marcus Pearson

Marcus Pearson was removed from the Beast Gang because of his drug-related issues. His sudden exit from the gang created a controversy. Other accusations were also imposed on Marcus such as spreading coronavirus, racial discrimination, and more.

  1. TY

Previous Mr. Beast member TY often used to appear in the channel’s challenges videos. He participated in the World’s Largest Bowl of Cereal challenge along with the other fellow member Chandler Hollow. Recently, he was seen at a public event “Giving 10,000 Presents to Kids for Christmas”.

You can keep on reading further to discover more about Mr. Beast’s former members.

  1. Ethan Schriver

Another most valued Mr. Beast member was Ethan Gregory. He used to apply his unique video editing skills to the channel’s videos. Ethan also used to participate in challenges like “Giving Friend One Hour to Spend $100,000”, “Last to Leave Circle Wins $500,000”, and more. Apart from this, Ethan has his own YouTube channel titled Ethan Schriver.

  1. Jake Weddle

Mr. Beast introduced Jake Weddle during the challenge “Amazing Beast Rice”. This was Jake’s debut performance. Later on, he appeared in several MrBeast challenges videos. His talent was soon recognized by the broader community.

  1. Tyler Conklin

Tyler Joseph Conklin was the director of the Mr. Beast channel. After Kris Tyson, he is the longest-tenured member. Tyler showed his power by participating in various challenges and even won money. He won $10,000 in “Last to Leave Circle Wins” and $50,000 in “I Built The World’s Largest Lego Tower” challenges.


Thus, that’s all you must know about Mr. Beast members. The core members of the Mr. Beast YouTube channel are Jimmy Donaldson, Kris Tyson, Karl Jacobs, Chandler Hollow, and Nolan Hansen. Over here, Jimmy Donaldson is Mr. Beast who majorly handles and creates entertaining videos for the channel. The other four members actively participate in the channel’s challenges videos.


What Is The Relationship Status Of Mr. Beast?

Currently, Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson is dating Thea Booysen. Mr.Beast’s girlfriend recently made their relationship public on the Wide Awake Podcast.

Is Thea Booysen Mr. Beast’s First GF?

No, Thea is not Mr. Beast’s first GF. Mr. Beast was earlier in a romantic relationship with Maddy Spidell who is a popular YouTuber.

Where Can I Watch Mr. Beast’s Challenges Videos?

You can enjoy watching Mr. Beast’s challenges videos on his official YouTube channel.

Is Mr. Beast Sill In Touch With His Former Members?

Yes, Mr. Beast still maintains a good friendship with his former members.