French Tip Pedicure: A Step-By-Step Guide

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French Tip Pedicure

One of the popular ways to make your toenails appear polished is by getting a pedicure beauty treatment. In today’s article, I will discuss everything about French tip pedicures in brief.

What Is A French Tip Pedicure?

A French tip pedicure is a pedicure type where the tips of toenails are painted with thin white horizontal stripes. The main purpose of this pedicure is to enhance your toenails with a pop of white color. French tip pedicures can easily go along with any outfit or occasion. If you take good care of your feet, French pedicures can easily last for about 15 to 20 days.

After knowing what is French pedicure, keep scrolling if you are excited to know how this pedicure is done.

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Steps For A French Tip Pedicure

Following are the steps involved in a classic French tip pedicure.

  1. Foot Soak

Before starting, all dirt and debris are removed from your toenails by washing them thoroughly. Then your old nail polish (if any) is removed by using a nail polish remover. Your feet are now soaked in warm soapy water for about 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Exfoliating Foot

After 15 minutes, your feet are exfoliated by using a foot scrub in small circular motions. A pumice stone or foot file is also used to get rid of flaky or hard dead skin from your feet. Your feet are then washed and moisturized.

  1. Cuticle Care

The dead skin around your toenails is then removed by using a cuticle trimmer. With a cuticle pusher, the cuticles are gently pushed back. A thin layer of cuticle cream or oil is then applied to the cuticles.

  1. Shaping Nails

The toenails are then buffed by using a nail buffer. This helps to create a good base for smooth nail polish application. Make sure all the edges around your nails are smooth. If the toenails are long, trim them before buffing.

  1. Massage

Now, your legs and feet are gently massaged by using a body oil or body lotion. Small circular motions are used for a more relaxing experience. 

  1. Nail Polish Application

A toe separator is placed in between your toes to keep them apart during the nail polish application. A thin layer of clear base coat is applied and allowed to dry completely. Now, white nail polish is applied horizontally to the tips of the toenails. Lastly, a thin layer of clear top coat is applied on the top for more shine. 

You are now ready to flaunt your French tip pedicure! Make sure your nails are dried completely to avoid smudging. 

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Different Types Of French Tip Pedicures

Just like different types of pedicures, you’ll also get different options in a French pedicure. Apart from the classic French pedicure, there are a few common types of French pedicures you give a try.

  1. Rainbow French Tip Pedicure

In this type of French pedicure, the tips of your toenails are painted with shades of rainbow colors. The colors like red, orange, blue, yellow, indigo, violet, or green are used with a nude or clear base coat.

  1. French Tip Pedicure With Embellishments

In this type of French pedicure, only the tips of your toenails are decorated with different embellishments. Here, rhinestones, crystals, studs, or pearls are used to enhance your French tip pedicure.

  1. French Tip Pedicure With Glitter

French tip pedicures with glitter are trendy and quite popular among teenagers. In this type, the tips of your toenails are painted with glitter nail polish.

A regular French tip pedicure will take at least 45 to 60 minutes to complete. Thus, the time will vary depending on the type of French pedicure you choose.

Cost Of French Tip Pedicures

A classic French tip pedicure will cost you about $ approx. The cost will vary if you add nail gems to your French tip toes. Some salons also charge $5 to $15 per toe for a French tip pedicure.

Difference Between French Tip Pedicures Vs Regular Pedicures

Beginners often get confused about whether to get a regular pedicure or a French tip pedicure. The basic steps involved in both pedicures are similar. The only difference is in the process of nail polish application on toenails.

In French tip pedicures, the toe tips are white and the nail bed is painted with nude colors. In regular pedicures, the nail beds are painted with a variety of colors. 


A French tip pedicure is a pedicure where the toenails are painted clear and the tips are painted in white nail polish. You can easily do this pedicure at home by watching easy DIY French tip pedicure tutorials on YouTube.


Is It Possible To Do French Tip Pedicure On Short Nails?

Yes, a French tip pedicure can be done on short nails. This type of pedicure gives the toenails an illusion of long tips.

How To Remove French Tip Pedicures?

You can easily remove your French tip pedicures by using alcohol-free nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

How To Dry French Tip Pedicure Quickly?

You can easily dry your French tip pedicure by dipping your toenails in cold water. For quick results, you can use a blow dryer or nail-drying spray.