Paprika Vs Sweet Paprika Differences You Must Know

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paprika vs sweet paprika

Paprika comes in three variants and each variant gives different results. Today, I’ll tell you the paprika vs sweet paprika differences and also differentiate the other paprika variants. 

What Is Paprika?

Paprika is the most commonly used spice which has a mild flavor and peppery zing. This spice is a mixture of dried ground red chile peppers. The peppers used to make this spice belong to the Capsicum annum family. You will find numerous variants of paprika with unique flavors.

The color of paprika and its variants is quite similar. Not only you but even chefs get confused by looking at this condiment. You can continue reading if you wish to clear up your confusion!

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Paprika Vs Sweet Paprika

You can easily find sweet paprika in local stores and is often labeled as paprika. The following key differences will help you choose the right variant of paprika.

  1. Flavor:

The flavor of regular paprika is very mild whereas sweet paprika is sweeter, a bit pungent, and has a fruity flavor.

  1. Uses:

Paprika is typically used for garnishing and adding color to dishes. You can use sweet paprika if you specifically want to add color, flavor, and subtle depth to your dish.
In your dishes, you can use sweet paprika substitutes if you don’t have any paprika handy.

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Hot Paprika Vs Sweet Paprika

Let us now have a look at the difference between hot paprika and sweet paprika.

  1. Type of peppers used:

Dried ground hot red peppers are used to make hot paprika powder. Sweet paprika powder is typically made using dried sweet peppers.

  1. Level of spiciness:

Hot paprika is mildly spicy while sweet paprika is not that spicy.

  1. Flavor:

Hot paprika lacks flavor while sweet paprika has earthy and tangy flavors.

  1. Heat level:

The heat is more concentrated in hot paprika than in sweet paprika.

  1. Purpose:

Hot paprika can quickly add an extra kick to dishes. Sweet paprika is great for adding flavor and color to dishes like chicken paprikash.

  1. Availability:

It’s a bit tough to find hot paprika in local stores. Whereas you can easily find sweet paprika in supermarkets, grocery stores, and online.

Let’s now move forward with the other two paprika variants; smoked vs sweet paprika.

Smoked Paprika Vs Sweet Paprika

Check out the below table to learn the difference between smoked paprika and sweet paprika.

  1. Drying Process:

In smoked paprika, red peppers are air-dried, smoked over an oak fire, and then ground into fine powder. In sweet paprika, red peppers are air-dried and directly grounded.

  1. Consistency:

Smoked paprika is more powdery and drier compared to sweet paprika.

  1. Purpose:

Smoked paprika adds a smoky, slightly sweet, and earthy flavor to dishes. Sweet paprika will give a mild, fruity undertone to dishes.

Hungarian Paprika Vs Spanish Paprika

Paprika is further subdivided into Hungarian and Spanish variants. The following factors will help you to tell the differences between Hungarian and Spanish paprika.

  1. Type of peppers used:

For Hungarian paprika, ground Hungarian chile peppers are used. For Spanish paprika, Spanish chiles are used.

  1. Variants:

There are eight variants of Hungarian paprika. There are three types of Spanish paprika: hot, sweet, and bitter-sweet.


All variants of paprika are made using the flesh of dried red peppers. The type of peppers used to make this spice helps to determine whether it’s sweet, hot, or smoked paprika. You can now go ahead, pick your favorite paprika variant, and enjoy its pepperiness!


Are There Any Benefits Of Paprika?

Yes, there are some benefits of paprika like promoting healthy vision, reducing inflammation, and improving cholesterol levels.

Can I Use Paprika For Garnishing?

Yes, you can use paprika for garnishing eggs, salads, and other dishes.

Where Can I Buy Hungarian Paprika?

You can easily purchase Hungarian paprika from a spice shop, grocery stores, and Amazon.

What Is The Taste Of Sweet Paprika?

The taste of sweet paprika is sweet, citrus, fruity, and a bit bitter.