What Does A Pedicure Mean and Its Definition?

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Pedicure Mean

Beauty treatments can boost your confidence and leave you feeling rejuvenated! Salons often come with a wide variety of services meant for specific needs. In this post, I’ll tell you what a pedicure means, the pedicure definition, types, benefits, and other important factors in detail.

What Does A Pedicure Mean?

A pedicure is a personal grooming routine for feet and toenails. This service is often given in a salon by a professional pedicurist. It is a multi-step process that makes you feel relaxed and leaves you with freshly painted toenails. 

After pedicure meaning, let us also check out the pedicure definition.

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Pedicure Definition

A pedicure can be defined as a beauty treatment done by an expert that involves foot care. Here, the nail expert treats your feet and toenails by cutting and painting the nails. 

Women enjoy getting pedicures at least once a month to maintain good foot hygiene. You can keep scrolling further to understand more about pedicure beauty services.

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Types Of Pedicure

Luckily, there are different types of pedicures offered by nail salons that can make you feel fantastic! Here is the list of the most loved pedicures that’ll take good care of your feet.

  1. French Tip Pedicure: In the French tip pedicure, your nails are painted with nude color and the tips are painted with white nail color.
  2. Gel Pedicure: In a gel pedicure, your toenails are painted with gel nail polish.
  3. Paraffin Pedicure: Paraffin pedicure uses paraffin wax to treat your feet and toenails.
  4. Fish Pedicure: Fish pedicure effortlessly removes dead skin by using Garra Rufa fish
  5. Chocolate Pedicure: This is a luxurious pedicure that uses chocolate foot soak, scrub, and lotion.

After knowing the types, let us check out how pedicure is beneficial for nail health.

Benefits of Pedicure

One of the main benefits of a regular pedicure is that it makes your feet and toenails appear healthy. Let us also have a look at the other pedicure benefits in short.

  1. Pedicures make your feet smooth and soft by removing all dead skin cells via exfoliation.
  2. It keeps your toenails safe from fungal and bacterial infections.
  3. With proper cuticle care, it reduces the risk of ingrown nails.
  4. A good foot massage improves blood circulation, reduces stress, and helps your feet nerves to relax.

Remember the benefits will vary depending on the type of pedicure you choose. You can keep on reading to learn the pedicure procedure to fully enjoy this beauty service!

Basic Procedure of Pedicure

Here are the basic things involved in a regular pedicure done at a salon.

  1. First, your feet will be cleaned by soaking them in a small tub filled with warm soapy water.
  2. Your feet are then exfoliated well by using a foot scrub to remove dead skin cells.
  3. Toenails are then trimmed, buffed, and shaped accordingly.
  4. The cuticles are gently pushed back and any excess cuticle dead skin is trimmed.
  5. The expert will give a relaxing foot massage by using oils or body lotion.
  6. Finally, your toenails are painted with the nail polish of your choice.

You can also give yourself a pedicure at home by using the same above-given steps. Check out this quick pedicure tutorial for further guidance.

Cost of Pedicure

A good, relaxing pedicure will cost you between $20 to $45 approximately when done in a nail salon. The price of this beauty service will increase if you select add-on services like nail art. Thus, the cost will vary depending on the type of pedicure you choose and the place. 


A pedicure meaning in simple words is a classic beauty treatment for feet and toenails. This treatment involves a warm foot soak, foot scrubbing, clipping nails, shaping nails, foot massage, and nail polish application. It is best useful for those who prefer regular foot and toenail maintenance. Thus, a single pedicure session will surely make you feel pampered without much fuss.


How Often Do You Get A Pedicure For The Best Results?

For the best results, you must get a pedicure every 3 to 4 weeks.

Can Men And Women Both Get Pedicures?

Yes, men and women both can get pedicures to feel refreshed and soften the skin.

What Is The Major Difference Between Manicures and Pedicures?

When it comes to pedicure vs manicure, a pedicure is a beauty treatment for feet and toenails. While a manicure is the treatment for hands and fingernails.

How Long Does A Single Pedicure Session Last?

A pedicure session will last for 30 to 90 min approximately depending on the pedicure type and which techniques are used.