What Is A French Pedicure and How It Is Done?

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what is a French pedicure

A pedicure and polished toes can make you feel clean and fresh. Women nowadays are falling in love with French pedicures. But do you know anything about this pedicure? In today’s guide, I’ll tell you what is a French pedicure and how this pedicure is done.

What Is A French Pedicure?

A French pedicure is a classic pedicure that consists of a sheer base and thin white strips on the tip of each toenail. After this, a clear topcoat is applied to the toenails for a polished appearance. You can also choose light pink or nude nail polish instead of a sheer base coat.

Do not get confused between a French pedicure and a French tip pedicure as both are the same. This pedicure is often done by skilled nail techs but you can do it by yourself by using the correct technique. You can keep on reading to learn the step-by-step guide on how to do a French pedicure like a pro!

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Steps To A French Pedicure At Home

After learning what is a French pedicure, here I’ll guide you through the procedure of a French pedicure.

  1. Grooming Toenails

Start by removing the existing nail polish from the toes by using nail polish remover. Trim your toenails and shape them according to your preference. Make sure you gently buff the nail surface with a nail file.

  1. Foot Bath

Place your feet in a tub full of warm soapy water to remove all dirt and debris. You can also add bath salts to soothe and relax your feet. 

  1. Exfoliate Your Feet

After soaking your feet for a while, exfoliate your feet with a foot scrub. You can even use a pumice stone or foot file to remove dead skin from your feet.

  1. Trim Your Cuticles

The next step is to trim cuticles and remove the dead skin around nail beds by using a cuticle trimmer. Then, use a cuticle pusher to gently push them back to the nail beds.

  1. Application Of Base Coat

Place a toe separator between your toenails for a smooth application. Apply a thin layer of clear base coat and let the polish dry completely. Instead of a clear base coat, you can even apply baby pink, nude, beige, or other polish that suits your skin tone.

  1. Apply White Polish On The Nail Tips

Once the base coat dries, paint the tips of your toenails with a white polish. Start with one toe at a time to get an even French tip. For precise application, you can purchase pedicure tools from Amazon or local beauty stores.

  1. Application Of Top Coat

Once the tips are dry, apply a layer of top coat to complete your French pedicure. You can either go for a clear polish or other color options according to your choice. Wait for a while till your nails are completely dry and then moisturize your feet.

For this pedicure, you can even use the French tape method or a nail stamper for a more polished look. Check out this quick tutorial to learn the French tape method.

You can keep on reading if you want to get a perfect French pedicure.

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Tips For Perfect French Pedicure

You can easily get a perfect French pedicure by using the following handy tips.

  1. Make sure you choose nail color according to your skin tone for the best results.
  2. You can use a thin line brush to apply white polish on the tips.
  3. Apply a second coat (base coat, white polish, or top coat) if necessary for better color payoff and shine.
  4. Try to keep your toenails short as long nails can cause discomfort and nail damage.
  5. Instead of plain tips, try using glitter nail polish to add a pop of color.


Thus, we have now summarized what is a French pedicure and how to do it at home. A French pedicure is a pedicure that consists of white toe tips over clear nails. You can now easily get salon-like French tips at home with enough patience and practice!


Which Tools Are Required For A French Pedicure?

The tools required for a French pedicure are as follows: tub, warm soapy water, foot scrub, moisturizer, and nail polish. A nail grooming kit including a nail trimmer, nail file, pumice stone/foot file, nail separator, cuticle trimmer, and pusher is also required.

Which Essential Oils Can Be Added To A Foot Soak For Pedicures?

You can add essential oils like lavender, rosehip, and grapefruit in a foot soak for soothing.

How To Remove Flaky Dead Skin From Feet?

You can easily remove flaky dead skin from your feet by using a pumice stone and foot scrub. Simply use small circular motions to scrub away all dead skin. 

What Is Pedicure Definition?

A pedicure definition in simple words is; a beauty treatment for legs to make them appear pretty.