What Is The Difference Between Express and Luxury Pedicure?

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what is the difference between express and luxury pedicure

Pedicures are popular foot treatments that make your feet look as well as feel fantastic! Express Pedicure and Luxury Pedicure are some of the most common types of pedicure that help you show off your painted toenails. In today’s post, I will discuss what is the difference between Express and Luxury Pedicure in brief.

What Is An Express Pedicure?

An Express pedicure is a quick nail service that makes your feet appear presentable, consuming less time. This pedicure service is similar to the regular pedicure but includes only a few basic steps. Apart from this, an Express pedicure is also known as a Mini pedicure.

Let us now have a short look at the Luxury pedicure definition.

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What Is A Luxury Pedicure?

A Luxury pedicure is a popular foot treatment that offers a relaxing experience by making your feet beautiful. This pedicure treatment uses premium pedicure products to revitalize your feet. A Luxury pedicure is also known as a Deluxe pedicure or Spa pedicure.

After learning the basic pedicure definition, let’s learn what is the difference between Express and Luxury pedicures.

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What Is The Difference Between Express And Luxury Pedicure

In this section, I will tell you the major differences between these two pedicure types in detail.

  • Procedure

The procedure of an Express pedicure includes cuticle care, nail shaping, nail buffing, and nail polish application. This pedicure service also offers a warm foot soak and the application of a light moisturizer. 

The procedure of a Luxury pedicure includes foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle care, nail grooming, foot mask, massage, and nail polish application. Here, your feet and lower leg are well exfoliated. And nail grooming includes nail trimming, nail buffing, and nail shaping.

  • Products

Express pedicures involve basic foot care products to file, shape, buff, and polish your nails. 

In Luxury pedicures, all luxury products are used to pamper your feet. This includes aromatherapy oils, paraffin dips, hydrating masks, aromatic exfoliating scrub, and more.

  • Pedicure Time

The nail expert will take approximately 15 to 2000 min to complete Express pedicures. On the other hand, Luxury pedicures will take up to 45 to 90 min to complete. A Luxury pedicure may take more depending on the techniques used and add-on services. 

  • Benefits

One of the main benefits of Express pedicures is that they make your toenails look amazing by using less time. Massaging in Luxury pedicures promotes circulation and helps to relieve foot tension.

  • Pedicure Lifespan

Express pedicures can last for 1 to 2 weeks maximum. Luxury pedicures can last for 2 to 3 weeks approximately. However, if you take good care of your feet, it can last even for a month!

  • Add On Services

Express pedicures don’t offer add-on services like foot massage, exfoliation, or nail arts. Whereas, Luxury pedicures offer extra add-on services like long foot massages, foot masks, paraffin dip, hot towel wraps, and exfoliation.

  • Price

Express pedicures are one of the inexpensive pedicure treatments which will cost you around $15 to 20$ approximately. On the other hand, Luxury pedicures are expensive and will cost you $80 to $100 approximately. 

There is a huge difference in both these pedicure types because of the procedure, add-on services, products used, and benefits. However, you can check out this Luxury Pedicure video done by an expert just for reference. 


By reading the above post, you got to know what is the difference between Express and Luxury pedicures. Express pedicure treatment is best if you want your cuticles and nails in good condition. You can go ahead with the Luxury pedicure if you want to relax your muscles while leaving your toenails pretty. Last but not least, Luxury pedicures give long-lasting results than Express pedicures.


Which Pedicure Is Choose: Express or Luxury?

If you want to simply groom your nails and paint your toenails, go ahead with the Express pedicure. If you want a relaxing spa-like experience along with foot care, then choose the Luxury Pedicure.

Is Luxury Pedicure Better Than Express Pedicure?

Yes, Luxury Pedicures are better than Express pedicures. A Luxury pedicure helps to clean and remove excess dead skin from your feet and makes you feel more luxurious. Massaging also reduces pain and relieves tension from the overall body.

Why Is Express Pedicure Better Than Luxury Pedicure?

The Express pedicure is better than the Luxury pedicure if you only want to trim, shape, buff, and paint your toenails. This pedicure even consumes less time to complete compared to Luxury pedicures.

What Are The Benefits Of The Luxury Pedicure?

Luxury pedicures improve nail health, moisturize foot skin, give soft toenails, and reduce stress during massage.