Where Is Rory Feek Now? All About Rory Feek You Must Know

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Where is Rory Feek now

Many of us wonder about where is Rory Feek now. The background of Rory Feek is worth knowing. In today’s post, you’ll get to know where is Rory Feek now including all the other details about his life.

Where Is Rory Feek Now?

Where Is Rory Feek Now

As of now, Rory Feek resides on his farm which is located in Columbia, Tennesse. Rory is the widower of his late wife Joey Martin Feek. Joey died due to cervical cancer in 2016. The couple even has a daughter named Indiana who is suffering from Down Syndrome.

However, Rory’s farm is also known as Hardison Mil. His farm has been his home for several years where he has created beautiful memories with his late wife. After his wife’s death, Rory alone raised their daughter on his farm. He majorly focuses on creating a loving and safer environment for his daughter. For a while, there is gossip about Rory Feek’s new girlfriend.

Keeping aside his family life, Rory is highly active on his blog. Over here, he shares his life experiences, life updates, details about Indiana’s growth, and personal life. He also wrote a couple of books for kids where he shares his beautiful thoughts and life lessons.

Even after his wife’s death, Rory is still involved in music and writes several songs for famous singers. He is also into filmmaking and documenting.

Where Is Rory Feek Now

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To Conclude

Thus, Rory lives in Columbia, Tennesse on his farm. He lives with his daughter Indiana and his rumored girlfriend. As of now, he is into farming, singing, songwriting, blogging, and filming. However, people enjoy reading Rory Feek blog where he shares his current life details and thoughts.

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How Old Is Rory Feek’s Daughter Indiana Now?

Rory’s daughter Indiana is now 10 years old and lives with him.

Did Rory Feek Once Again Get Lucky In Love?

Yes, Rory has once again got lucky in love and is involved in a romantic relationship.

How Many Children Did Rory Feek Have Before Indiana?

Before Indiana, Rory had two daughters from his first marriage with Tamara Gilmer. Their names are Heidi Feek and Hopie Feek.

Is Rory Feek’s First Daughter Married?

Yes, Rory’s first daughter Heidi got married to Casey Pierce.