Casper Ruud Girlfriend: All About His Love Life You Must Know

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Casper Ruud girlfriend

Over the years, fans have been curious about Casper Ruud girlfriend. Casper Ruud is one of the most famous and top-ranking professional tennis players from Norway. In today’s post, I’ll focus on Casper Ruud girlfriend and give details about their love life.

Casper Ruud Girlfriend

Casper Ruud Girlfriend

Maria Galligani is famous for being Casper Ruud girlfriend. The couple has been dating since 2018 and often traveled together all over the world! There are no details about when they two met and how they started dating each other. As of now, the couple resides in Oslo.

Just like Casper, his girlfriend Maria also hails from Norway. She was born on the 25th of October 1997 in Oslo, Norway. She completed her graduation degree in psychology and also master’s in psychology. Apart from this, Maria also worked in a sports nutrition company. Ruud’s girlfriend likes golfing as Ruud is also a good golfer.

Now, that you know who Casper Ruud’s girlfriend is, let’s discover more about his love life.

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Casper Ruud’s Love Life

Casper Ruud’s Love Life

The couple declared their relationship status officially in 2018. It was Ruud who posted their first picture as a couple on his social media account. Later on, he also posted pictures of their London and Paris trips. You’ll also find Casper Ruud’s family pictures on his Instagram account. However, she is also close to Casper Ruud sisters and goes along with them to tournaments and family trips.

Maria is a very supportive girlfriend and regularly watches his matches. She never fails to praise and celebrate his wins on Instagram. The couple even share a Malshi pup named Bajas Galligani Ruud. As Ruud and Galligani post several pictures together, fans get confused; is Casper Ruud married?

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To Conclude

Thus, Casper Ruud girlfriend is Maria Galligani who is a remarkable woman and his true supporter. Their love story started in 218 and are still together even today! Being a supportive girlfriend, she watches all of his matches and motivates him to achieve his biggest career milestones.


When Did Casper Ruud And Maria Galligani Started Dating?

Casper and Maria started dating in 2018 and the couple posted their first picture on Instagram.

What Is The Name Of Casper Ruud And Maria Galligani’s Pet Dog?

Casper and Maria have a pet dog named Bajas Galligani Ruud who is a Malashi pup.

Where Can I Watch Casper Ruud’s Matches?

You can easily watch all of Casper Ruud’s matches on YouTube or any sports channel.

When Was Casper Ruud Born?

The famous Norwegian tennis player was born on 22nd December 1988 in Oslo, Norway.