Is Rory Feek Dead? What Happened To His Wife Joey Feek?

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Is Rory Feek Dead

Many people among us wonder; is Rory Feek dead? Rory is a great American country singer, songwriter, musician, and writer. He likes sharing his life journey through his blogs. In today’s post, I’ll reveal is Rory Feek dead and what happened to his wife Joey Feek.

Is Rory Feek Dead?

Is Rory Feek Dead

No, Rory Feek is not dead but alive! Rory Feek’s death news is false as the singer is highly active on his blog, and social media accounts. As of now, Rory Feek is majorly involved in music, writing, and raising his daughter Indiana. Due to these death rumors, people also were curious about Rory Feek obituary.

He likes writing books and sharing his personal experiences with people to connect and inspire them. Apart from this, he is also into filming where he documented his life and experiences. Rory Feek new girlfriend and his daughter Indiana from his second wife live together with Rory in his farmhouse.

However, the news about Rory Feek’s wife’s death is not false. You can keep on reading to find out what happened to his wife.

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What Happened To His Wife Joey Feek?

What Happened To His Wife Joey Feek

Rory Feek’s second wife was Joey Feek. The couple got married in 2002 and gave birth to a daughter Indiana in 2014. They also started a band together named Joey + Rory. Unfortunately, Joey was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and later passed away in 2016.

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To Conclude

I hope you’re now clear about; whether is Rory Feek dead. Rory is alive and is living with his daughter Indiana. He also looks after his two daughters from his previous marriage; Heidi and Hopie Feek. As of now, he is into songwriting, blogging, filming, and promoting sustainable farming.


Which Docu-Series Is Released By Rory Feek?

Rory Feek has recently released a docu-series titled This Life I Live which describes about his life as a single father and widower.

Which Book Did Rory Feek Write Inspired By His Daughter?

Rory Feek wrote a book inspired by his daughter and is titled Indiana: The Day Made You.

Where Was Joey Feek Buried?

Rory’s second wife Joey Feek was buried in the family cemetery located in the Feek farm.

Who Was Joey Feek?

Joey Feek was a famous American country music singer and was born Joey Marie Martin. She was born to Jack and Martin in Alexandria.