Who Is Rory Feek New Girlfriend? Is He Single Or Married?

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Rory Feek new girlfriend

Are you curious about Rory Feek new girlfriend? Singer and songwriter Rory Feek has once again found love! In today’s post, I’ll reveal Rory Feek’s new girlfriend including the details of his personal life.

Rory Feek New Girlfriend

Rory Feek New Girlfriend

A woman named Rebecca is Rory Feek new girlfriend. Rebecca is the teacher of Rory’s daughter Indiana Boone who is suffering from Down Syndrome. She actively teaches Indiana and also a group of children at a schoolhouse located in the Feek property itself. 

Rebecca lost her mother and sister due to cancer. They two quickly bonded over and shared the same grief. Since then, she has been part of their lives for nearly five years. In Rory Feek blog, he has given details about how love blossomed between the couple.

According to my research, Indiana lost her mother Joey Feek at the age of two. Rebecaa’s presence in Indiana and Rory’s life evolved into a romantic connection.

Now that you know who Rory Feek’s new girlfriend is, you can keep on reading further to discover his current relationship status.

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Is Rory Feek Single Or Married?

Is Rory Feek Single Or Married

Rory Feek is no longer single as he is currently in a relationship with his daughter Indiana’s teacher Rebecca. Before dating Rebecca, he was married twice. You can keep on reading further to get the details about his personal life.

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All About Rory Feek’s Personal Life

In the past, Rory has been married twice. He was first married to Tamara Gilmer in 1985 but later got separated in 1992. The couple welcomed their two daughters Heidi and Hopie. After divorcing Tamara, he got married to Joey Martin Feek in 2002 with whom he founded the band Joey + Rory. In 2014, the couple was blessed with a daughter Indiana Boone. Unfortunately, Rory’s both wife died due to cancer. 


Thus, Rory has been romantically involved with Rebecca who is his daughter Indiana’s teacher. Rory and Rebecca’s relationship was started informally. The singer later revealed and confirmed his relationship with Rebecca in one of his blog posts. Rory and Rebecca often used to spend time together and gradually their love blossomed! In addition to this, many of his fans still don’t know where is Rory Feek now.


How Did Rory Feek’s Second Wife Joey Feek Die?

Rory’s second wife Joey Feek died due to cervical cancer at the age of 40.

Where Is Rory Feek’s First Wife Tamara Gilmer Now?

After divorcing Rory, Tamara kept her life low-key and was rarely seen in public. There are not many details about her whereabouts but death rumors are circulating about her.

What Is The Net Worth Of Rory Feek?

As of now, Rory Feek’s estimated net worth is around $3 million. His main source of income is his career in the entertainment industry.

Is Rory Feek Gay?

No, Rory Feek is not gay as he has been married twice and is also currently in a relationship with Rebecca.