What Is A Shellac Manicure And How Long Does It Last?

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Most of the women rely on manicures to keep their nails healthy and strong. It’s important to choose the right type of manicure suitable for your fingernails. In today’s post, I’ll tell you about everything about what is a Shellac manicure.  

What Is A Shellac Manicure?

A Shellac manicure is a manicure type that is done by using the Shellac nail polish. Here, Shellac nail polish is a mixture of gel polish and regular nail polish. This unique nail polish was created by CND (Creative Nail Design) for easy application and removal process.

If you’re interested in getting a Shellac manicure, you must continue reading to know the entire manicure process.

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Procedure Of Shellac Manicure

After learning what is a Shellac manicure, let us study its procedure. The procedure of a Shellac manicure is very simple and involves the following steps.

  1. Prepping Nails

Before the actual procedure starts, nail polish remover pads are rubbed on your nails to remove any existing nail polish. By using a nail trimmer, your nails are cut and trimmed according to your choice (short or long). 

  1. Cuticle Care

Your hands are now washed by using warm soapy water to remove all dirt and debris. Cuticle oil or cream is applied to your nails and kept on for a while. Afterward, the expert will push back your cuticles and trim excess dead skin.

  1. Base Coat Application

Once your nails are prepped and dried well, a thin layer of base coat is applied on the nail beds. The applied base coat is cured under a UV or LED light for about 30 seconds.

  1. Shellac Nail Polish Application

Now, a thin layer of Shellac nail polish of your choice is applied on the base coat. A UV or LED light is again used to cure the Shellac nail polish. 2 -3 layers of this polish are applied and cured to get the exact color. 

Make sure the expert waits for a couple of minutes before applying the next coat to avoid getting burnt.

  1. Top Coat Application

Once the expert is satisfied with the color payoff, a top coat is applied on top of the color polish. Again the LED or UV light is used to cure the top coat. You can apply another layer of top coat for extra shine or glossiness. 

  1. Clean and Moisturize Nails

The edges around your nails are cleaned to remove all stickiness and residue. To complete the procedure, the expert will apply a good amount of moisturizer all over your hands.

You are now ready to show off and enjoy your Shellac nails! This entire procedure will be completed in 45 minutes to one hour approximately. 

Now you know how this manicure is done, let’s check out how long will these nails last.

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How Long Will A Shellac Manicure Last?

A Shellac manicure can easily last for two weeks maximum when applied correctly. Well, this manicure can last a bit longer if you take good care of your hands.

Simply knowing what is a Shellac manicure is not enough. If you want a long-lasting manicure, you can check out our handy tips.

Tips To Maintain Shellac Manicure

You must remember the following things if you wish to make your Shellac manicure last longer.

  1. You must not wash your hands in hot water.
  2. Wear hand gloves if you’re working with hot water to prevent nail chipping.
  3. You must not do any heavy outdoor activities like gardening and playing sports.
  4. Avoid filling your nails at home as it can damage your nails.
  5. Try not to use any oil-based body lotions/creams on your Shellac nails.
  6. The shelf life of your Shellac manicure will increase if you nourish your cuticles with CND’s Solaroil.

Even though Shellac nails are durable it’s better to take the above precautions to protect your manicure.

Just like any other beauty treatment, even Shellac manicures come with advantages and disadvantages. Keep on scrolling the page to learn about Shellac manicure benefits.

Advantages Of Shellac Manicure

Following are the advantages of Shellac manicures you must know.

  1. It can easily stay intact for 2 weeks or more without chipping.
  2. Very little time is required to dry Shellac polish as it’s cured under a UV or LED light.
  3. The final result will give you shiny, glossy nails.
  4. Your nails are not damaged while removing the Shellac nail polish.
  5. This manicure type doesn’t require regular maintenance.
  6. In Shellac manicure, you’ll get different varieties like matte, glossy, and glitter.

This beauty treatment is not suitable for everyone and may show harsh side effects. Let us check out the disadvantages of Shellac manicure.

Disadvantages Of Shellac Manicure

Depending on your nail health, here are the minor side effects of Shellac manicure.

  1. The drying time can be long if too many layers of Shellac polish are applied. 
  2. The LED or UV light can damage the skin around your nails as well as your hands.
  3. It can damage your nail bed if it is removed incorrectly.
  4. If your nails are thin and brittle, this manicure can make your nails even more thin and brittle.
  5. This manicure can damage your nails further if Shellac polish is applied to already damaged nails.

Your nails won’t get hurt or damaged when the Shellac nails are removed properly.

Shellac Manicure Removal Process

Shellac nails must be only removed by the nail expert and at the salon. The expert will soak your nails in a special acetone-based remover meant for Shellac nails. Once the base layer loosens up, the expert will carefully peel off the polish. Therefore, no scraping is required to remove Shellac nails.

It’s best to look for nearby nail salons for a quick Shellac removal.

Cost Of Shellac Manicure

A single session of Shellac manicure can cost you up to $40 to $60 roughly. Just like a Russian manicure, the price range of Shellac nails will differ depending on the location and salon you visit.

Shellac Manicure Vs Gel Manicure

Many women get confused when it comes to Shellac manicure vs Gel manicure. Do not worry! Both these manicures have a bit similar steps but use different nail polish to paint your nails.


In the above post, I’ve explained what is a Shellac manicure and other important factors of this manicure. A Shellac manicure is a manicure best known for its shiny finish. Here, Shellac nail polish is applied on your nails which can easily last for more than 14 days. Thus, it’s better to get a Shellac manicure when you don’t have enough time but want glossy nails quickly. 


Can I Remove Shellac Nails At Home?

No, nail experts don’t recommend removing your Shellac nails at home. Special remover is required to remove these nails which is only available in the salon.

Can Shellac Manicure Damage My Nails?

No, Shellac manicure won’t damage your nails when done with proper care and precautions.

Is Shellac Manicure Safe Than Regular Manicure?

No, Shellac manicures are not safe compared to regular manicures. In Shellac manicures, UV lamps are used to cure the polish which is not good for your skin.

Can Hot Water Ruin My Shellac Manicure?

Yes, hot water can ruin your Shellac manicure if your nails are exposed to hot water for a longer period.