What Is A Russian Manicure? Benefits And Drawbacks

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Every woman dreams of having a perfect manicure that remains chip-free for days! Russian manicures are trendy and have generated so much buzz! Today’s post will help you understand what’s Russian manicure, how it’s done, along its benefits and drawbacks.

What Is A Russian Manicure?

A Russian manicure is a unique manicure that majorly focuses on nail grooming. This manicure type originated in Russia and is often known as e-file or dry manicure. Here, the nail techs focus on cuticle removal and shaping to provide long-lasting results.

This popular manicure type takes one to two hours approximately to complete. This is because the cuticle work is done precisely by well-trained professional nail technicians. However, the time can vary if you want to get nail art on your nails.

Unlike traditional manicures, Russian manicures tend to last longer. Aren’t you curious how long a Russian manicure will last? You can keep on scrolling to explore all the facts about Russian manicures.

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How Long Can A Russian Manicure Last?

A Russian manicure can easily last up to three to four weeks. Sometimes, it can even last longer if you take good care of your nails and your nail growth is slow.

The technique used to do this manicure is very different than a regular manicure. Let’s now check out the multi-step process of a basic Russian manicure.

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Procedure Of Russian Manicure

Following are the basic steps involved in a classic Russian manicure.

Step 1: Cleaning Nails

The procedure starts by cleaning your nails without using the water! The expert will remove the existing nail polish and then clean your nails by using nail cleansing pads.

Step 2: Cuticle Care

With an electric nail file or drill, all dead skin cells will be then removed from the nail bed. Using the same tool, the expert will also clean up your cuticles. 

A cuticle cream or oil is then applied to the cuticles to soften them. After leaving the cream for a while, your cuticles will be gently pushed back with a cuticle pusher.

Step 3: Shaping Nails

By using the electric nail file or drill, nail techs will file, shape, and buff your nails. While shaping nails, they will carefully work around the nail bed to reveal smoother, stronger nails. 

Step 4: Nail Polish Application

Your nails are now ready to get painted once they are cleaned. A layer of base coat is applied, then color nail polish, and lastly the top coat. Here, a special base coat meant for Russian manicures is applied.

Step 5: Moisturization

Lastly, a good amount of hand lotion and cuticle cream is applied to your hands and nails. This will help to lock in the moisture in your skin and prevent it from drying.

You can check out this Russian manicure tutorial video to see how it’s done. Let’s now have a look at the benefits of Russian manicures.

Russian Manicure Benefits

Russian manicures are special for a reason as it gives flawless results. Below, I have listed all the benefits of a Russian manicure.

  1. As it’s a waterless manicure, it prevents your nails from getting fungal and bacterial infections.
  2. It helps to restore your nail health and strength.
  3. A nail drill helps to clean cuticles and shape the nails more precisely.
  4. Your nails will last longer and remain chip-free for several days.

However, it is equally important to know the potential risks of getting a Russian manicure. You can keep on reading to learn the side effects of Russian manicures.

Russian Manicure Drawbacks

Those who know what is a gel manicure must be aware that manicures can be dangerous for your nails. Let’s check out the drawbacks of getting a Russian manicure.

  1. Your cuticles can bleed if the cuticle is cut improperly.
  2. While trimming cuticles, your nails are more prone to bacterial and nail infections.
  3. The skin around your nails can get damaged, irritated, or cut due to excessive scraping.
  4. Your nails may get weak and thin if the nail drill is not used properly.
  5. Nail drills can cause pain and discomfort during the process.

You must be now thinking: Is a Russian manicure safe for you? Keep on reading if you still want to get a Russian manicure without damaging your nails

Tips For Safe Russian Manicure

You can consider the following tips for a safe Russian manicure.

  1. Always visit a reputable nail salon having skilled and qualified professionals.
  2. Avoid getting your nails done by inexperienced nail technicians.
  3. Research well about the salon by checking their website and reading reviews.
  4. Never practice Russian manicures on your nails at home by looking at online manicure tutorials.

Thus, that’s how you can have Russian manicures without damaging your nails.

Russian Manicure Cost

A Russian manicure without any nail art can cost you $70 to $90 approximately. It will cost you more if nail art is done on your nails. However, the price of Russian manicures also depends on the nail salon you visit.

Final Verdict

Russian manicures are great for those who want long-lasting results with low maintenance. This manicure will surely give you beautiful results and make your nails healthy. Here, more attention is given to your nails by using the waterless technique. Beginners can also learn how to do a Russian manicure at home for a safe manicure.


Is A Russian Manicure Safe Or Risky?

Yes, Russian manicures are completely safe only when done by a skilled nail technician.

Why Is A Russian Manicure Costly?

Russian manicures are more costly because particular training and tools are required to get Russian manicures. Also, more time is required to get picture-perfect manicures.

How Is Russian Manicure Better Than Regular Manicure?

Compared to regular manicures, Russian manicures are better because:

  • They are long-lasting and nails remain chip-free.
  • It doesn’t rely on a water soak to clean nails.
  • The nail drill is used to clean and buff the nails.

What Is A Nail Drill?

A nail drill is a special electric rotary tool that is mainly used for filing and prepping nails. 

Where To Go For A Safe Russian Manicure?

For a safe Russian manicure, you must always visit a salon expert in Russian manicures. You can check out popular Russian manicure salons for your nails.