Shellac Manicure Vs Gel Manicure: Differences You Must Know

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Shellac Manicure Vs Gel Manicure

Choosing the right manicure is important for chip-free nails! Among the different types of manicure treatments, Shellac manicures and Gel manicures are widely popular. But do you know which manicure is better: Shellac or Gel? Today, I’ll help you understand the Shellac manicure vs Gel Manicure differences.

What Is A Shellac Manicure?

In a Shellac manicure, your nails are painted by using Shellac nail polish. Shellac polish is the special polish owned by the brand Shellac. This brand is made by Creative Nail Design (CND)

Those who know what is a Shellac manicure know what are the results of this manicure. This manicure is cured under a UV lamp and gives long-lasting, chip-free nails that last for weeks.

You can now read on to learn about the gel manicure.

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What Is A Gel Manicure?

In a gel manicure, your nails are painted by using gel nail polish. This nail polish hardens and remains chip-free for days when is exposed under a UV lamp. 

If you know what is a gel manicure, you may find gel and Shellac manicures are the same. Both of these manicures are cured under UV lamps. You can keep on scrolling to learn all the differences between Shellac manicure vs Gel manicure.

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Shellac Manicure Vs Gel Manicure Differences

In this section, I’ll be differentiating Shellac manicure vs Gel manicure nail treatments in detail.

  1. Formulation

The gel polish used in Gel manicures contains oligomers and acrylic monomers. Shellac polish used in Shellac manicures is a combination of regular nail polish and gel polish. This combination binds up together when it is cured under a UV lamp.

  1. Staying Power

Gel manicures will last longer and won’t chip easily. It can easily last for up to three weeks without any fading.

Whereas, a Shellac manicure won’t last longer than a gel manicure and is prone to chipping. You can expect a Shellac manicure to last for up to 10 to 14 days maximum.

  1. Removal Process

To remove gel nails, you need to buff your nail beds and then soak your nails in acetone to break the bond. To remove Shellac nails, you simply need to soak your nails in acetone to loosen the bond. 

  1. Side Effects

Gel manicures can damage your nail health due to incorrect removal. It can make your nails brittle, thin, and dry. Acetone used to remove Shellac nails can lead to dry and brittle nails

  1. Cost

Depending on the salon you visit and where you stay, the cost of both Shellac and Gel manis will differ. Gel manicures are more costly than Shellac manicures because of the complex removal process.

  1. Color Option

The color options are available in gel manicures are nearly three times more than in Shellac manicures. You’ll get roughly over 100 shades in Shellac manicures. Whereas in gel manicures, you’ll get more than 400 color options to choose from. Gel nail polishes are also easily available on Amazon and offline beauty stores.

The Takeaway

Thus, it’s worth understanding and learning the basic difference between Shellac and Gel manicures. Both Shellac and Gel manicures will give you fantastic, long-lasting results. For better color options, you can go ahead with a Gel manicure. If you don’t want to be too harsh on your nails, then go ahead with Shellac nails.


Which Manicure Is Better: Shellac Or Gel Manicure?

Shellac manicure is better than a Gel manicure as it will give you a long-lasting manicure without damaging your nails.

What Is The Main Disadvantage Of Shellac and Gel Manicure?

The main disadvantage of both Shellac and Gel manicures is that your nails may weaken and become dry due to the removal process.

Can I Do A Shellac Manicure At Home?

No, you cannot do a Shellac manicure at home as Shellac nail polish is only available in nail salons.

Can I Do A Gel Manicure At Home?

Yes, you can do a Gel manicure at home. Make sure you use all the necessary tools required for doing the manicure but with proper precautions.