What Is A No-Chip Manicure? Is It Safe?

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what is a no-chip manicure

While exploring different manicure types, have you ever wondered what is a no-chip manicure? Nails without any chipping is still a dream of many women! Luckily, there is a new manicure trending named no-chip manicures. In today’s post, I’ll tell you everything about what is a no-chip manicure in detail.

What Is A No-Chip Manicure?

A no-chip manicure is a nail treatment where you get long-lasting durable gel nails. Here, your nails are painted with gel nail polish and are cured under UV lighting. As a result, a no-chip manicure will give you a chip-free, long-lasting, durable manicure. 

Many people among us wonder what is a gel manicure. No-chip manicures are also known as gel manicures. A no-chip manicure can take approximately an hour to complete and then you’ll get freshly painted gel nails!

No-chip manicures are completely safe and you won’t experience nail damage when is done properly. The process of no-chip manicures and gel manicures is nearly the same. Keep on reading to learn the process of no-chip manicures.

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Steps Involved In A No-Chip Manicure

Once you know what is a no-chip manicure, you must be curious to learn how this manicure is done. Here, I’ve given a step-by-step procedure for a no-chip manicure in short.

  1. Prepping Nails

The expert will start the process by prepping your nails first. Your dry nails will be cut, filed, buffed, and shaped by using necessary nail grooming tools. Buffing nails will give a smooth nail surface for nail polish application. The expert will finish off prepping your nails by applying a thin layer of either cuticle oil or cuticle cream.

  1. Cuticle Care

Now, your cuticles will be gently pushed back using a cuticle pusher. Experts mostly avoid cuticle trimming as it can cause cuticle tearing and dryness. If there are any hangnail or dead skin cells, they will be trimmed using a cuticle trimmer.

  1. Dehydrate Nails

It’s necessary to remove oils from the nail surface to prevent chipping. So, your nails will be dehydrated by applying nail polish remover all over your nails. This step is important if you want a long-lasting manicure.

  1. Nail Polish Application

The nail tech will now apply a layer of base coat and cure it under UV light for roughly 30 seconds. Next, one to two layers of gel polish is applied and cured under UV light for 45 seconds. Lastly, a layer of top coat is applied over gel nails and then cured under UV light for 30 seconds.

As a result, you’ll get a glossy, chip-free manicure that will last for several days! The expert will hydrate your skin and nails by applying a good layer of moisturizer. You can also give yourself this manicure by learning the basics of applying a no-chip manicure.

No-chip manicures have many benefits. You can keep on reading to quickly have a look at the benefits of this nail treatment.

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Benefits Of No-Chip Manicures

Here are the benefits of no-chip manicures you must know.

  1. It will give you durable, high-shine nails.
  2. This manicure type requires less maintenance and requires no regular touch-ups.
  3. Your nails won’t chip, break, or peel easily as they are cured under UV lighting.
  4. No-chip manicures help to strengthen weak nails.

Even though no-chip manicures are safe for your skin and nails, there are some drawbacks you must know.

Drawbacks Of No-Chip Manicure

Here are the drawbacks of no-chip manicures.

  1. UV light used for curing nail polish can damage your skin and fingers.
  2. Harsh chemicals used in nail polish can damage your nail health.
  3. This manicure can dry out your natural nails.
  4. Nail polish peeling can cause brittle nails and infections.

Thus, a no-chip manicure can damage your nails if you don’t take good care of your nails after getting a manicure.

In no-chip manicures, it’s important to properly remove the no-chip nail polish to avoid any damage. Keep on reading if you’re eager to know how to remove a no-chip manicure.

No-Chip Manicure Removal Process

Till now, you’ve understood what is a no-chip manicure and how it is done. When it comes to a no-chip manicure removal process you need to be extra cautious. It’s always better to visit nearby nail salons to safely remove this manicure.

The expert will put acetone-soaked cotton balls on your nails and wrap them with aluminum foil for 15 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the polish will come off without applying too much pressure. A cuticle oil is then applied to your nails to restore hydration.

After learning what is a no-chip manicure, let’s find out how long this manicure lasts.

How Long Will A No-Chip Manicure Last?

A no-chip manicure can easily last for at least 2 to 3 weeks when is done at a salon. Your nails won’t peel or chip if the gel polish is applied and cured properly. However, your no-chip manicure can last longer than three weeks if you take good care of your nails.

No-Chip Manicure Cost

A no-chip manicure can cost you around $20 to $50 approximately. However, the cost of this manicure majorly depends on the type of salon you visit and your location. You can also get this manicure done by private nail artists at home instead of getting it done in a salon.

You can also give yourself a no-chip manicure at home by purchasing the required tools online or from stores. On Amazon, you can easily get UV light for curing polish and other products.

No-Chip Manicure Vs Shellac Manicure

If you know what is a Shellac manicure, you may think it is similar to a no-chip manicure. The application process of both manicures is the same but Shellac polish created by CND is used in Shellac manicures. 


In the above post, I’ve briefly explained what is a no-chip manicure, how it is applied, and removed. No-chip manicures include the application of a base coat, one to two coats of gel polish, and a top coat. All these coats are then cured under UV lights. The best nail shape for this manicure type is a classic round shape. You can easily take off this manicure by wrapping your nails with acetone-soaked balls.


Is No-Chip Manicure Similar To Russian Manicure?

No, a no-chip manicure and the Russian manicure are not similar to each other. An electric nail drill is used to groom nails in Rusisan manicures.

What Happens If You Keep No-Chip Manicure For More Time?

If you keep your no-chip manicure for more time, your nails can become thinner and weaker after it is removed.

How To Rehydrate Nails After Getting A No-Chip Manicure?

You can rehydrate your nails after getting a no-chip manicure by applying cuticle oil once a day. For extra moisturization, you can even apply hand cream regularly.

Where Can I Get A Safe No-Chip Manicure?

You can easily get a safe no-chip manicure at reputed nail salons without any fuss. Make sure you check out all nearby salons in your area that offer this manicure service.