How To Make A Gel Manicure Last Longer? Tips For Durable Gel Manicures

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how to make a gel manicure last longer

Gel nails last longer, but do you know how to make a gel manicure last longer? Many times it’s impossible to control the wear and tear of your gel nails. In today’s post, I will tell you how to make a gel manicure last longer by putting little effort!

How To Make A Gel Manicure Last Longer?

A gel manicure will remain glossy and chip-free for two to three weeks approximately. Your nail polish may start chipping or lifting after a few days. This can completely ruin your manicure.

Here, I’ve given a few tips that help you learn how to make a gel manicure last longer before getting it done.

  1. Prep Nails Properly

To make your gel manicure last longer, it’s important to prep your nails properly. Ensure that your hands are dry as moisture can lift gel nails quickly. Cleanse your nails with acetone or nail polish remover to remove old polish from your nails.

  1. Cuticle Care

Dead skin cells and excess cuticles won’t let your gel manicure last longer. During the manicure process, check if dead skin and cuticles are removed from your nails.

  1. Keep Short Nails

Gel manicures stay longer on shorter nails compared to longer nails. Longer nails are prone to breakage and bending. Therefore, a gel manicure can survive more on shorter nails.

  1. Buff Your Nails

Buffing nails helps to create a smooth base for gel polish application. The experts can either use a nail buffer or an electric nail file to buff your nails. So, make sure your nails are buffed and cleaned properly to make your gel manicure last longer. 

  1. Dehydrating Nails

Dehydrating nails helps to get rid of any excess moisture, dirt, dust, or oil from your nails. So, never skip this step before applying gel polish if you want a long-lasting gel manicure.

You can check out this nail-prepping tutorial done before getting a manicure for your reference.

Keep on reading further to learn more about how to make a gel manicure last longer. 

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Points To Remember While Getting A Gel Manicure

Certain precautions must be taken during gel manicures to make them last longer on nails. Here, I have given a few tips that’ll help you learn how to make a gel manicure last longer while getting a manicure.

  1. Use Good Quality Gel Polish

To make gel polish last longer on your nails, you must invest in good gel polish. There are a few popular brands like OPI and Apres that will give you long-lasting results.

If you are purchasing gel polish online, make sure you check its expiry date. An expired gel polish won’t last longer on your nails.

  1. Use Products Of The Same Brand

You must use the base coat, gel polish, and top coat from the same brand. Products of the same brand work better together and will give you long-lasting results. You can easily purchase gel nail polish from Amazon and other online websites.

  1. Never Skip The Base Coat

No matter which type of manicure you’re getting, using a good quality top coat is a must! A base coat makes sure the gel polish bonds with your nails making your manicure last as long as possible. Apart from this, it also protects your nails from staining.

  1. Never Skip The Top Coat

A layer of the top coat helps to seal your gel manicure. It acts as a shield and extends the life of your gel manicure.

  1. Use Builder Gel

Gel polish won’t last longer on weak, brittle, and thin nails. So, you can use a builder gel to prevent your nails from breaking and your gel polish from cracking. 

  1. Apply Thin Coats

Applying thinner layers of base coat, gel polish, and top coat ensures that your gel manicure looks even. Thick layers can make your gel manicure look uneven and chip faster than usual.

  1. Cover The Edges

Ensure that all the edges of your nails are covered with the gel polish. This prevents your nails from chipping and cracking.

  1. Avoid Getting Gel Polish On Your Skin

You need to be very careful while applying gel polish without getting in on your skin. In case the polish gets on your skin, quickly wipe it off before curing.

  1. Keep An Eye On Curing Time

Those who know what is a gel manicure, are aware that gel polish needs to be cured. An LED lamp or UV light is used for gel polish curing. But both these devices use different curing times to cure the gel polish. So, ensure that your gel nails are cured correctly as over-curing can crack the gel polish.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to make a gel manicure last longer.

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Nail Care Tips After Getting A Gel Manicure

It’s important to protect and take good care of your gel nails even after getting a gel manicure. Here, I’ve listed some tips that’ll help in understand how to make a gel manicure last longer after getting it done.

  1. Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is the best friend of manicures! Nail experts often recommend their clients apply a few drops of cuticle oil to their nails regularly. Cuticle oil not only keeps your nails healthy but also prevents them from nail damage caused by manicures.

  1. Avoid Using Hot Water

Hot water can make your gel nails crack and lift. This phenomenon happens because your natural nails tend to expand and contract when come in contact with water. Therefore, make sure you avoid exposing your hands to hot water.

  1. Avoid Cleaning Using Chemicals

We all know cleaning products contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals can damage and weaken your gel nails. So, make sure you wear rubber gloves while using cleaning products to protect your gel manicure.

  1. Take Good Care of Your Nails

After getting gel nails, avoid doing any heavy-duty work or activity immediately. For example, type vigorously on keyboards, open packages, open cans, or scraping sticky labels with your nails. Make sure you are gentle with your nails while doing such activities.

  1. Avoid Picking or Peeling Your Nails

Your gel manicure may start lifting after a few weeks. During this, make sure you avoid picking your gel nails. I know it’s hard to resist, but you must control picking nails or you’ll end up spoiling your manicure!

  1. Never Trim Your Gel Nails

Nails grow after a while, so it’s important to avoid trimming your nails using nail clippers. Trimming nails can break the seal and make your gel nails lift away. In this case, you can file your nails, apply a layer of top coat, and cure it under UV lighting.


In the above post, I’ve briefly explained how to make a gel manicure last longer. You can easily make your gel manicure last longer than three weeks by following our tips. Proper nail prepping, gel polish application, and taking good care of your nails will surely give you long-lasting gel manicures!


How Can I Protect My Gel Nails?

You can easily protect your gel nails by wearing rubber gloves or applying cuticle oil.

How To Apply A Gel Polish To Your Nails?

While working with a gel polish, you must use gentle strokes and apply thin layers of gel polish. Make sure you also cover the edges of each nail without fail.

Can Applying Thick Coats Of Gel Polish Cause Chipping?

Yes, applying thick coats of gel polish can cause chipping. This is because thicker coats can be too heavy on your nails.

How Much Time Will A UV Lamp Take To Cure Gel Polish?

A UV lamp will take approximately 2 to 3 minutes to cure the gel polish.