Hungarian Paprika: What Is It & Where To Buy

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hungarian paprika

If you are not familiar with Hungarian paprika, you’ve arrived at the right place! As its name suggests, it is somewhat related to seasoning. Why don’t you read on further to learn all about Hungarian paprika? 

What Is Hungarian Paprika?

Hungarian paprika is a condiment made by using Capsicum annum peppers. This type of paprika is very rich, sweet red pepper in flavor. At the same time, it’s also highly pungent and intense. Hungarian paprika is widely used in Hungarian dishes. The color of this spice is between mild to bright red. The flavor can go from mild to spicy depending on the variety of pepper and how’s it made.

This classic condiment is famous and loved for a reason! You can continue reading to learn how is it made, its types, and other factors.

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How To Make Hungarian Paprika?

Currently, Hungary is one of the leading producers of Hungarian paprika in the world. To maintain the authenticity of this spice, the procedure to make this spice is a bit different.

First, farmers carefully select peppers according to their flavor and color. All the handpicked peppers are now dried under direct sunlight. Just make sure this entire drying process is done in a rainproof area. 

Once all the peppers are dried, you can then crush the dried pods by foot. With the help of a mortar and a pestle, grind the crushed dried pods to make a fine powder.

To control the pungency of the spice, the pod’s seeds and membrane can be manually removed. This step must be done when peppers are completely dried and before grinding.

These days you can dry peppers artificially in ovens to minimize the drying time. You can use automatic machines when it comes to the mass-market production of Hungarian paprika.

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Different Types Of Hungarian Paprika

You must be surprised to know that there are 8 different variants of Hungarian paprika. Let us check out all the variants in short.

  1. Erős (means hot) paprika is one of the most aromatic or spiced Hungarian paprika.
  2. Különleges (it’s a special Hungarian paprika) has no heat at all and is a bright red color. 
  3. Félédes paprika is a bit sweet and spicy. 
  4. Csípősmentes csemege paprika and Csemege paprika are similar to each other. But Csípősmentes csemege is subtle and mild, while Csemege is more fiery.
  5. Csípős Csemege is even more pungent compared to Csípősmentes csemege and Csemege paprika.
  6. Rózsa (which means rose) paprika is spiceless to taste.
  7. Edesnemes (gentle sweet) paprika is the most common type and has little heat.

You may get confused when it comes to choosing paprika vs sweet paprika. If you want to purchase this spice, you can ask a Hungarian resident to guide you! 

Where To Buy Hungarian Paprika

The only place where you’ll find original Hungarian paprika is in its homeland Hungary! You can even find fresh homemade Hungarian paprika in the markets or any grocery shops.

Do not worry, you can easily find this spice in any food/spice market as well as online outside Hungary. For online purchases, you can rely on Amazon to find different types of Hungarian paprika.

How To Storage Hungarian Paprika

Store-bought Hungarian paprika should always kept in a nice cool, dry place. It is best to store the powder in an airtight container. To keep it fresh for a longer time, keep the container away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Cooking With Hungarian Paprika

The classic way to use this spice is by adding it to hot oil. This will help the spice to release its full flavor and aroma. If the paprika gets burnt, it can directly spoil your dish. Here’s one quick hack! Keep your stove on the lowest level and then add the paprika in the hot oil. Otherwise, you can also take the pan away from the flame, and add paprika including other ingredients. Place the pan on the stove and complete the rest recipe.

Chefs even sprinkle this spice on salads and chicken soup. It is also the main ingredient in pepper-tomato stew. You can even make pickles by just using fresh peppers.

Recipes Using Hungarian Paprika

Hungarian paprika acts as a key ingredient in several popular dishes like Goulash, Stuffed Cabbage, and Fisherman’s soup. You can make countless dishes from sauces to stews by using this condiment. In some regions, this spice is also used in pastry as a filling. 


Hungarian paprika is the most used ingredient in Hungarian cuisine. This popular type of spice is known for its vibrant color and rich intense flavor. The best way to use Hungarian paprika is in its powder form. Dried peppers (without crushing) can also be used in meals. You need to be alert while cooking with paprika as it can quickly get burnt and spoil the whole dish! 


Are There Any Sweet Paprika Substitutes?

Yes, there are many sweet paprika substitutes. Ancho powder is very close to this spice as it has earthy tones.

How Is Hungarian Paprika Different From Other Paprika Variants?

Compared to other variants, Hungarian paprika is not too intense and even has a nice sweet taste. 

Can You Use Any Substitute Instead Of Hungarian Paprika?

You can use ancho powder as a substitute condiment instead of Hungarian paprika to complete your dish.

When Was Hungarian Paprika First Found?

Hungarian paprika was first found in the 16th-17th century in Hungary. This spice became well-known by the 19th century.