Rory Feek Obituary: Is Rory Lee Feek Dead Or Alive?

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Rory Feek obituary

Fans are often curious about Rory Feek obituary. An obituary is a notice of someone’s death. Its purpose is to alert others about a person’s death. In today’s post, I’ll tell you about Rory Feek obituary and whether the singer is alive or dead.

Rory Feek Obituary

Rory Feek Obituary

There is no Rory Feek obituary as Rory is alive and continuing his career in music, writing, and blogging. Rory Feek is a famous American country singer, songwriter, author, and blogger. There are rumors about his death, but the singer is very much alive! However, it’s a bit tough to tell where is Rory Feek now.

Rory’s second wife, Joey Feek passed away in 2016 due to cervical cancer. Joey’s battle with cancer and the couple’s journey is documented in Rory Feek’s Blog. In his blog titled This Life I Live, he shares details about his life, family, career, and other topics related to his life. However, there is Joey Feek obituary which gives details about her death. Rory and Joey started a band Joey + Rory and released several songs and personal stories.

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To Conclude

Thus, there is no obituary of Rory Feek as the singer is still alive and doing well in his career. Rory’s second wife Joey Feek passed away in 2016 and there are no whereabouts of his first wife Tamara. You can also enjoy reading his books like The Day God Made You, Once Upon a Farm, and more.

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Is Rory Feek Single After His Second Wife’s Death?

After Rory’s second wife’s death, Rory has been romantically involved with Rebecca.

Who Was Rory Feek Married To Before Rebecca?

Before Rebecca, Rory was married to Joey Feek.

How Many Daughters Does Rory Feek Have From His First Marriage?

From his first marriage, Rory has two daughters; Heidi and Hopie Feek.

How Old Was Indiana Feek When Her Mother Died?

Indiana Feek was only two years old when her mother Joey Feek died.