What Is Elixir Perfume? Is It The Strongest Perfume Type?

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what is elixir perfume

Shopping for perfume can be a lot easier if you know what is elixir perfume. Understanding fragrances is important to avoid purchasing the wrong fragrance. In today’s post, we’ll learn what is elixir perfume and find out whether it’s the strongest perfume.

What Is Elixir Perfume?

Elixir perfume is a perfume type that contains the highest concentration of fragrance oil i.e. around 20 to 40%. The alcohol content in this perfume is very low and thus is suitable for sensitive skin. This perfume is also known as Parfum, Pure Parfum, Parfum Extract, and Extrait de Parfum. The main highlight of this fragrance is that it has stronger scent profiles. It contains a mixture of fragrance notes like floral, woody, spicy, and oriental.

An elixir perfume comes in a smaller perfume bottle and can be carried in a bag or purse on the go. These perfumes are expensive and should be used in very small amounts. A few drops of elixir perfume can be applied to your pulse points. This fragrance will linger on your skin for more than eight hours!

Stronger and more potent fragrances last longer on the skin. You can keep on reading to find out whether an elixir perfume is the stronger perfume type.

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Is Elixir The Strongest Perfume Type?

Yes, elixir perfume stands firm at the first position when it comes to what is the strongest perfume type. This is because it contains a larger concentration of perfume essence and a lower amount of alcohol.

Now, that you know what is elixir perfume, you can keep on reading to explore other fragrance types.

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Different Types Of Perfumes You Must Know

Here are the different types of perfumes you must know.

  • EDP

EDP means Eau de Parfum and is the second strongest perfume type. In Eau de Parfum vs Elixir, EDP contains less amount of perfume essence (around 15 to 20%). It can stay on your skin for a good four to eight hours.

  • EDT

The next strongest perfume type is EDT; which means Eau de Toilette. This fragrance contains less concentration of perfume essence (around 5 to 15%) and a higher concentration of alcohol. It will last for a good 3 to 4 hours on the skin.

  • EDC

With only 2 to 5% of perfume essence, Eau de Cologne (EDC) is the fourth strongest perfume type. The alcohol content in this fragrance is higher and will stay on your skin for two to three hours.

  • EF

Eau Fraiche (EF) is the least concentrated perfume type and contains only 1 to 3% perfume essence. The alcohol content in this fragrance is maximum. It will stay for a maximum of two hours on the skin and requires constant reapplication.

Final Words

Thus, learning what is elixir perfume will help you enjoy wearing this fragrance. This fragrance is known for its unique, aromatic ingredients. It contains a higher concentration of perfume essence which makes it last longer!


Is Elixir Perfume Expensive?

Yes, elixir perfume is expensive because it contains a higher amount of fragrance oils.

Can Elixir Perfume Be Worn By Both Men And Women?

Yes, elixir perfume can be worn by both men and women.

Which Are The Most Popular Elixir Perfumes?

Following are the most popular elixir perfumes:

  1. Sauvage Elixir
  2. Elixir by Ellie Saab
  3. Le Male Elixir
  4. Elixir by Azzaro
  5. Elixir Pour Femme

However, you can easily find elixir perfume on Amazon and offline beauty stores.

How Is Elixir Perfume Different From Other Perfume Types?

Elixir perfume is different from other perfume types because it is long-lasting and contains richer, intense scent profiles.