What Does EDP Mean In Perfume? EDP vs Other Types

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what does edp mean in perfume

So, what does EDP mean in perfume? The main purpose of a perfume is to make us feel confident by giving a pleasant, decent smell. In today’s post, you’ll get to know what EDP means in perfume in brief. Here, I’ve also compared this scent with other types of perfumes.

What Does EDP Mean In Perfume?

In perfume, EDP means Eau de Parfum and is a popular fragrance type. This fragrance is well-known and loved for its longevity and stronger scent profiles. Here, you’ll get layers of top, middle, and base notes. It contains 15 to 20% fragrance oil and lasts for four to eight hours without any reapplication. If you apply this perfume on your clothes, it will stay up to 16 hours on your clothes

It is effortless to apply this perfume without any fuss! You simply have to spray this scent on your pulse points like wrists, behind the ears, neck, and elbows. But make sure you work carefully while applying perfume on clothes as it can damage the fabric. You can check out this EDP perfume application tutorial to learn the correct perfume application techniques.

Now that you know “What does Eau de Parfum mean”, let us compare this scent with other fragrances.

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EDP vs Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is also a fragrance type that contains a very low percentage of fragrance oil. In EDP vs Eau Fraiche, Eau Fraiche is the weakest perfume as it contains only 1 to 3% fragrance oil. Also, this fragrance can only stay for a maximum of two hours on the skin and requires reapplication.

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EDC means Eau de Cologne which contains a lesser amount of fragrance oil and a high amount of alcohol. When it comes to Eau de Parfum vs Cologne, EDC contains only 2 to 5% fragrance oil and lasts two to three hours after application.


EDT means Eau de Toilette which contains fragrance oil and a small amount of alcohol. In EDP vs EDT, EDT contains slightly less amount of fragrance oil (5 to 15%) and lasts for three to four hours after application.

Do you know what is the strongest perfume type? You can keep on reading to check out the last perfume type you must know!

EDP vs Parfum

Pafum is the strongest perfume type that contains 20 to 40% fragrance oil and no alcohol! This scent is also known as Elixir, Extrait de Parfum, and Pure Perfume. In the battle of Eau de Parfum vs Elixir, Elixir is long-lasting and lasts for eight to ten hours on the skin after application.


The above post on “What does EDP mean in perfume” includes all the basic information you must know about this fragrance. As it contains a higher percentage of fragrance oil than Parfum, it will last for a good four to eight hours on the skin. It won’t irritate your skin as it contains a very low amount of alcohol. Thus, EDP is the best option if you are just starting with fragrances.


Which Are The Different Notes Found In Fragrances?

In a fragrance, you’ll get three different types of notes; Top Note, Middle or Heart Note, and Base Note. Among these notes, the Base Note is considered the most important note as it helps to reveal the main theme of a scent.

How Are Fragrances Categorized?

Fragrances are usually categorized into the following five basic groups:

  1. Floral: It smells like fresh flowers.
  2. Oriental: It gives a resin-like aroma.
  3. Fresh: It gives a mixture of lavender, herbs, and citrus aromas.
  4. Woodsy: Here, you’ll get moss, fir, and forest aromas.
  5. Patchouli: It has more earthy tones.

What Does Evanescent Mean In Perfume?

In perfume, evanescent is a fragrance term that indicates the fragrance is not long-lasting and will vanish quickly.

What Does Absolute Mean In Perfume?

In perfume, Absolute is a highly concentrated fragrance oil that is produced by solvent extraction.