Ron White Wife: All About Ron White’s Personal Life

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Ron White Wife

When it comes to Ron White wife, the famous American comedian’s marital life was quite controversial. White’s professional life is successful but he couldn’t save his marriages. In today’s post, I’ll tell you everything you must know about Ron White wife and marriage.

Ron White Wife

Ron White wife was Margo Rey Reymundo who is a well-known Mexican singer and songwriter. The couple met through the singer’s older brother Alex Reymundo. White attended one of Margo’s shows and was impressed with her performance. They started dating each other and often attended each other’s shows.

Ron and Margo got married in California on October 13, 2013. However, the couple lived in Montecito, Santa Barbara County, California. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long and Margo filed for divorce in 2017.

Before Margo, Ron had two wives! You can keep on reading further to discover more about Ron White wife.

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Ron White And Barbara Dobbs

Ron White And Barbara Dobbs

Ron White was married to Barbara Dobbs from 2004 to 2008. White’s second wife Barbara is an interior designer by profession. However, the couple didn’t have any children together. After getting divorced in 2008, Barbara stayed away from the spotlight and lived a peaceful life.

Before Barbara, Ron was married to his first wife for eleven years! You can keep on reading to more about Ron White’s wife.

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Ron White And Lori Brice

Ron White And Lori Brice

Ron White’s first wife was Lori Brice. The couple got married in 1981 and were together till 1993. Ron and Lori even have one son together whose name is Marshall  White. However, the couple always kept their relationship away from the limelight and never revealed publicly why they got separated. After getting divorced, their son Marshall stayed with Ron and Lori stayed completely away from the limelight.

To Conclude

Thus, Ron got married three times and has only one son from his first marriage. Ron’s first wife was Lori Brice and the couple were together for eleven years. After divorcing Lori, he was married to Barbara Dobbs and they were together for roughly four years. Afterward, Ron then married Margo Rey from 2013 to 2017. Ron White girlfriend rumors started after his three failed marriages. When it comes to Ron White children, the comedian had only one child.


Was Ron White’s Third Wife Diagnosed With Cancer?

Yes, Ron White’s third wife Margo Rey was diagnosed with cancer after filing the divorce.

How Much Is Ron White’s Worth?

Ron White net worth must be between $20 to $50 as the comedian was quite wealthy!

Is Ron White Married Now Or Is Single?

As of now, Ron White is single and has no plans to get married for the fourth time.

Who Was Ron White’s Second Wife?

Barbara Dobbs was Ron White’s second wife and she was an interior designer by profession.