Ron White Age, Height, Nationality, Family, & Personal Life

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Ron White Age

Do you know what is Ron White age? Ron White is one of the most famous and successful comedians. Apart from his comedy career, he is also a well-known actor, producer, and writer. In today’s post, I’ll tell you Ron White age, height, nationality, and more.

Ron White Age

Ron White age as of now is 64 years. The comedian was born on the 18th of December 1956. His birthplace is Fritch, Texas where he was born and raised. He started working at a very young age. However, he got his first big break in 2000 by being part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Show.

Now, that you know Ron White age, you can keep on reading further to discover more facts about the comedian.

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Ron White’s Nationality

Ron White is an American national as he was born and raised in the USA. Over here, he gained huge publicity as an actor, comedian, and producer. You can continue reading to know Ron White’s height.

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Ron White’s Height

Ron White’s Height

Ron is about 6 feet 2 inches tall and has a very unique personality. If you keep aside his comedy career, Ron was majorly in the limelight because of his personal life. You can keep on reading further to learn about Ron White wife.

Ron White’s Family and Personal Life

When it comes to Ron White’s family, Ron has a younger sister named Shea. The comedian’s father died at a very young age. So, Ron and his sister were solely raised by Ron White’s mother.

A celebrity’s life is always a bit controversial when it comes to their personal life. The comedian’s personal life gained huge attention due to his lack of choices. He was married thrice but none of his marriages were successful. However, Ron White children remained away from the public eye after divorcing the comedian.

To Conclude

Thus, the famous American comedian is about 64 years old as he was born in 1956. He gained huge success in comedy and is well-known by his nickname name Tarter Salad.


Did Ron White Live In Mexico?

Yes, Ron White did live in Mexico where he had bought a pottery factory.

Why Did Ron White Got Divorced Thrice?

The reasons behind why Ron White got divorced thrice are unclear.

At What Age Did Ron White Joined The Navy?

Ron White joined the United States Navy at the age of 17.

Where Was Ron White Born?

Ron White was born and raised in Fritch, Texas, USA.