Who Are Ron White Children And What Do They Do?

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Ron White Children

Being a Ron White fan, aren’t you curious about Ron White children? We all are aware that Ron has been married three times. In today’s post, we’ll focus on Ron White children and his personal life.

Ron White Children

Ron White Children

When it comes to Ron White children, the comedian has only one child named Marshall White. Marshall was born to Ron and Lori Brice who was his first wife. The couple gave birth to Marshall on the 19th of July, 1991. As of now, he is around 32 years old. By looking at Ron White’s age and physique, you can easily spot the father and son duo.

However, Ron’s fans lovingly call his son Tater Tot! Ron White’s net worth is huge, so the comedian himself took responsibility for his son. Just like Ron White wife, his son prefers to stay away from the public eye.

You can keep on reading to have a sneak peek at the comedian’s personal life.

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Ron White’s Personal Life

As of now, Ron White is not married but the comedian has been married before. All of his marriages ended in divorce and since then he has not been married again. First, he was married to Lori Brice for eleven years. He then got married to Barbara Dobbs for four years. Lastly, he was married to Margo Rey for roughly three to four years. 

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Ron White has only one child, his son Marshall White. Marshall was born to Ron and Lori Brice on 19 August 1991. As of now, Marshall is 32 years old and looks just like his father!


Is Ron White Married Now?

No, Ron White is not married after getting divorced three times.

Who Was The Last Wife Of Ron White?

The last wife of Ron White was the Mexican singer and songwriter Margo Rey.

How Much Amount Did Ron White Pay To His Ex-Wife?

Ron White pays about $25,000 per month to his last ex-wife Margo Rey. Margo is unable to handle her expenses as she is suffering from cancer and is unable to resume her work again.

What Does Ron’s Son Marshall Do For Earning?

There aren’t many details available about Ron’s son Marshall’s earnings.