Who Is Ron White Girlfriend? Is Ron White Single?

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Ron White Girlfriend

Nowadays, there is a buzz going around about Ron White girlfriend. The stand-up comedian divorced thrice, so it is said that Ron White is seeing someone. In today’s post, I’ll reveal Ron White’s girlfriend and his current relationship status. 

Ron White Girlfriend

Ron White Girlfriend

The news about Ron White girlfriend is fake as the comedian is not dating anyone as of now. Ron was last seen together with Margo Rey who is his ex-wife and a popular Mexican singer-songwriter. The couple was in a relationship for a while before marrying each other in 2013. 

Now, that you know about Ron White’s girlfriend, let’s find out his current relationship status.

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Is Ron White Single?

As of now, Ron White is single after separating from his ex-wife Margo Rey. The comedian has reportedly been single since 2017. You can check out this article to know more about Ron White wife as he was married thrice!

By looking at Ron White age, his personal life was quite controversial and always in the limelight.

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Thus, Ron White doesn’t have a girlfriend as of now and is enjoying his single life. The comedian was married three times and is a divorcee. As Ron White’s net worth is huge, his ex-wives got huge financial support.


Is Ron White In A Relationship Right Now?

No, Ron White is not in a relationship right now and is single as of 2024.

How Many Times Did Ron White Got Married?

Ron White got married three times.

When Was Ron White Born?

Ronald Dee White was born on 18th December 1956 in Fritch, Texas.

Who Raised Ron White?

Ron White’s father died when he was a child. So, he and his sister Shea White were raised by his mother Barbara John Craig.