Ron White Mother: Everything All About Ron White’s Family

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Ron White Mother

Fans are often curious to know about Ron White mother. Ron always kept his family away from the public eye. In today’s post, I’ll discuss about Ron White mother and his family in short.

Ron White Mother

Ron White Mother

Ron White mother is Barbara Joan Criag with whom the comedian shared an affectionate bond. You won’t find much information about the comedian’s mother as she remained away from the public eye.

However, Ron’s father was Charles Don White who died when Ron was a newborn child. Ron and his sister Shea were raised by his mother alone. To date, Ron’s mother is the most important person in his life. Even though his mother doesn’t appear in his shows, the comedian never fails to praise and mention her through his comedy acts. If you look at Ron White age, you’ll understand his mother must be quite old now. 

Just like Barbara, Ron White wife never appeared publicly. Being a famous comedian, Ron White net worth must be huge.

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Thus, the famous American comedian Ron was born to his parents; Charles Don White and Barbara Joan Criag. After Ron’s father’s death, Ron and his sister Shea were raised by his mother. Ron feels very grateful and blessed as his mother supported him a lot during his entire career.

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What Is The Nickname Of Ron White?

Ron White is majorly known by his nickname Tater Salad.

What Did Ron White Do Before Pursuing Comedy?

Before pursuing comedy, Ron was in the US Navy where he served on the Auxiliary Rescue. He also served in the salvage ship USS Conserver by the end of the Vietnam War.

Where Can I Watch Ron White’s Best Shorts?

You can enjoy watching Ron White’s some of the best comedy shots on YouTube.

When Did Ron White Quit Drinking?

Ron White quit drinking in the early 2020s. He took the help of a hypnotherapist and used ayahuasca to stop his drinking habit.