Mr. Beast GF: All About Mr. Beast’s Love Life, You Must Know

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Mr. Beast GF

Do you know who Mr. Beast GF is? Mr. Beast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson who is a well-known American YouTuber. He is majorly known for his challenges and stunts. In today’s post, I’ll focus on Mr. Beast GF including his current and past love life.

Mr. Beast GF

Mr. Beast GF is a popular South African YouTube content creator Thea Booysen. Thea is also a social media influencer and author. She belongs to South Africa and loves gaming, streaming, and writing. Mr. Beast’s girlfriend is widely known for her engaging content on Twitch and her YouTube channels.

The couple met in 2019 and started dating in late 2022. They often post their pictures on online and also appear on each other’s content. However, their relationship continue to grow and never miss a chance to spend time together.

You can now keep on reading to discover more about Mr. Beast love life.

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Love Life Of Mr. Beast

Love Life Of Mr. Beast

When it comes to Mr. Beast’s love life, Mr. Beast was previously dating Maddy Spidell. She is also a well-known personality on Instagram and TikTok. The couple got connected online on Twitter and soon started dating each other in 2019. Well, they were together for almost three years before separating away from each other in early 2022.

Because of Mr. Beast unstable love life, fans wonder about Mr. Beast wife. Many of his fans are often curious to know; is Mr. Beast married? Mr. Beast always maintains a safe distance from the media and only shares necessary details with them.

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Thus, Mr. Beast GF is a famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer Thea Booysen. She is a South African content creator and social media sensation. Apart from this, Thea is also an eSports caster and author. She wrote a book titled The Marked Children which is easily available on Amazon.


How Did Mr. Beast Meet His Current GF?

Mr. Beast met his current GF when he was in South Africa for an event. Here, he met her while he was having dinner with his friend.

Is Mr. Beast Single?

No, Mr. Beast is not single and is currently dating Thea Booysen.

When Did Mr. Beast Broke Up With Maddy Spidell?

Mr. Beast and Maddy Spidell ended their three-year-long relationship in 2022.

Does Mr. Beast GF Has YouTube Channels?

Yes, Mr. Beast’s GF has two YouTube Channels; TheaBeasty and More Than Human.