Mr. Beast Girlfriend: Is He In A Serious Relationship?

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Mr. Beast Girlfriend

Although Mr. Beast’s love life is private, fans are curious to know who Mr. Beast girlfriend is! Jimmy Donaldson is popularly known as Mr. Beast. He is a YouTuber and social media influencer. Today, we’ll focus on Mr. Beast girlfriend and his past relationships.

Mr. Beast Girlfriend

Currently, Thea Booysen is Mr. Beast girlfriend, a South African Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, and social media influencer. Thea is famous for streaming games like Witcher 3 and League of Legends. She also plays card games like Gwent under the name TheaBeasty

However, Thea Booysen is Mr. Beast’s second girlfriend and the couple started dating each other in 2022. Mr. Beast met his current GF through social media platforms. Even though the couple are spotted together on various occasions, they manage to keep certain details private.

Mr. Beast and his girlfriend Thea, both are successful in their careers and enjoy their personal lives. You can keep on reading further to discover more about Mr. Beast GF.

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The Booysen Education and Career

Thea is doing a Master’s in neuropsychology in Scotland. She also has completed her degree in Law and Psychology.

Thea has two YouTube channels; TheaBeasty for gaming and More Than Human for psychology facts. In addition to this, Thea has written a book named The Marked Children. This book is about a 16-year-old boy named John who discovers a sinister black symbol on his arm.

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Is Mr. Beast In A Serious Relationship?

Is Mr. Beast In A Serious Relationship

Yes, Mr. Beast is in a serious relationship with Thea Booysen. Jimmy Donaldson met Thea Booysen in 2020 when he was traveling to South Africa. Jimmy met her when he was having dinner with his fellow content creator friend. After meeting her, Mr. Beast tested her to see whether they were compatible with each other. 

However, he also stated in a podcast that he cannot get along with women who are less socially active.

You can now keep on reading to know Mr. Beast’s former GF.

Who Is Mr. Beast’s Former GF?

Before Thea Booysen, Mr. Beast was dating an American dancer Maddy Spidell. She is also a stylist and social media influencer. Maddy was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America. At a very young age, she started dancing at Young Dance Academy. However, she is quite famous on social media platforms and also has a massive number of followers on YouTube and Instagram.

The couple were together for roughly three years and they often appear on each other’s social media platforms. In June 2019, they announced their separation publicly. Apart from this, fans are nowadays gossiping about Mr. Beast’s wife.


Thus, that’s all you must know about Mr. Beast girlfriend. Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson is dating Thea Booysen from 2022. The couple met in 2019 while having a dinner with a common friend. His girlfriend is a famous South African Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, and social media influencer. She also has two YouTube channels; TheaBeasty for gaming and More Than Human for psychology facts.


Can I Win Money On Mr. Beast App?

Yes, you can win money on Mr. Beast’s app Finger On The App.

Who Was Mr. Beast’s First Girlfriend?

Maddy Spidell an American YouTuber was Mr. Beast’s first girlfriend.

What Is The Real Name Of Mr. Beast?

The real name of Mr. Beast is Jimmy Donaldson who is a famous American YouTuber, social media influencer, and also philanthropist.

Did Thea Booysen Write A Book?

Yes, Thea did write a book titled The Marked Children.