Mr. Beast Wife: Who Is Mr. Beast Married To?

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Mr. Beast Wife

Fans are curious to know who Mr. Beast wife is and what’s his current relationship status. Mr. Beast is a popular YouTuber known for his crazy stunts and is in a committed relationship. Today, I’ll tell you; is Mr. Beast married and details about Mr. Beast wife.

Mr. Beast Wife

Mr. Beast is not married so, there are no details about his z. Even though Mr. Beast is not yet married, he is currently in a relationship with Thea Booysen. However, the couple has not yet publicly discussed their marriage plans.

You can keep on reading to get details about Mr. Beast GF.

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Mr. Beast’s Current Girlfriend

Mr. Beast’s Current Girlfriend

Thea Booysen, Mr. Beast’s girlfriend is a successful online streamer and author from South Africa. They two met when they were stuck in South Africa due to COVID-19. Mr. Beast was introduced to Thea by their common friends at a club. The YouTuber was instantly attracted to her and soon started chatting via WhatsApp and Twitter. Later on, they started dating and declared their relationship publicly.

However, Mr. Beast was previously dating Maddy Spidell from 2019 to 2022. They two met each other on Twitter in 219. Their relationship lasted roughly around three years and then broke up in early 2022.

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Thus, you won’t find many details about Mr. Beast wife as the YouTuber is not yet married. He earlier dated Maddy Spidell and is currently happy in a relationship with Thea Booysen. The couple announced their relationship publicly on Instagram by sharing a picture of them.


Is Mr. Beast Married, Dating Someone, Or Single?

Mr. Beast is not married but is dating a South African social media influencer Thea Booysen.

How Did Mr. Beast Meet His Current Girlfriend?

Mr. Beast and his current GF met in South Africa via a mutual friend at a club. They got attracted to each other at first sight and soon started seeing each other.

Which Are Mr. Beast’s Popular Videos?

Mr. Beast’s popular videos are “I Adopted Every Dog in a Dog Shelter”, “I Spent 50 Hours in solitary confinement”, and more.

Who Is Mr. Beast’s Best Friend?

Christopher Stephen Tyson is Mr. Beast’s best friend who was also his first subscriber.