Is Mr. Beast Married? Personal Life Of A Famous YouTuber

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Is Mr. Beast Married

Fans always seem curious to know; is Mr. Beast married? Mr. Beast’s personal life has always caught public attention. The YouTuber is quite shy to talk about his personal life. In today’s article, we’ll discuss; whether is Mr. Beast married and what are his marriage plans.

Is Mr. Beast Married?

Mr. Beast Married

No, Mr. Beast is not married but is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend. The Booysen is identified as Mr. Beast’s girlfriend

Till now, the couple has not discussed anything about their marriage plans publicly. They both prefer to keep their love lives private but often share glimpses of their lives on each other’s social media accounts. On Colin and Samir’s podcast, Mr. Beast shared a few details of his personal life.

Before Thea Booysen, the YouTuber dated Maddy Spiddel. Maddy Spidell is also a YouTuber, a talented dancer, and a well-known social media influencer. Mr. Beast and Maddy were in a romantic relationship for around three years from 219 to 2022. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in early 2022.

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Thus, Mr. Beast is not married but is romantically involved with Thea Booysen. Thea is a South African Twitch streamer, author, and psychologist. She met Mr. Beast through a common friend at a club during his trip to South Africa. However, the couple has not yet revealed their marriage plans and enjoying their dating life. They never fail their viewers to show a glimpse of their relationship on their respective social media platforms.

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Who Is Mr. Beast’s Wife?

As Mr. Beast is unmarried, the news about Mr. Beast’s wife is a baseless rumor.

Is Mr. Beast Known As The Richest YouTuber?

Yes, Mr. Beast is the richest YouTuber who earns about $54 million per year from his YouTube success.

Who Is Mr. Beast Current GF 2024?

As of 2024, Thea Booysen aka TheaBeasty is Mr. Beast GF.

How Mr. Beast Became Viral?

Mr. Beast became viral when his video “Counting to 100,000” got more than ten thousand views in just a couple of days. As of now, his videos have more than ten million views.