How Old Is Peso Pluma GF? All About Peso Pluma’s Love Life

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how old is peso pluma gf

Fans have been dying to know how old is Peso Pluma GF. Peso Pluma didn’t like to discuss his private life but his love life always grabbed the media’s attention. In today’s post, we’ll discuss how old is Peso Pluma GF along with her bio and also their love life.

How Old Is Peso Pluma GF?

Peso Pluma’s GF is 24 years old as she was born on August 25, 2000. Nicki Nicole was born Nicole Denise Cucco but is well-known by her stage name Nicki Nicole. Well, she was born in Rosario, Argentina, and has three siblings; two brothers and one sister.

Now, that you know how old is Peso Pluma GF, you can keep on reading to discover more details about the singer Nicki Nicole.

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Nicki Nicole’s Nationality, Profession, And More

Nicki Nicole’s Nationality, Profession, And More

As Nicki was born in Argentina, she is an Argentine national. By profession, Nicki is a singer, songwriter, and also rapper. Before starting her career in music, her mother wanted her to complete her education. To fulfill her mother’s wish, she started attending night classes to complete her studies and did a job as a musician in the daytime.

In 2019, Nicki released her first song titled Wapo Trakatero. She even played this song on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. In addition to this, Nicki collaborated with DJ Bizarrap for the BZRP Music Sessions #13. However, Nicki earned a huge fortune from her music career. As of now, Nicki Nicole’s net worth should be around $1 million to $5 million.

You can keep on reading if you are doubting; Does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend?

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All About Peso Pluma’s Love Life

Peso Pluma was in a serious relationship with Nicki Nicole for about 6 months. The duo met each other in February 2023 for the remix of Peso Pluma’s song titled Por Las Noches. After the work, Peso and Nicki were spotted together on places like Disneyland and at a soccer match. 

Well, the Mexican singer even admitted in front of the media that he has a girlfriend without revealing her name publicly. Their relationship was later confirmed when they performed together at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. 

In the beginning of 2024, rumors started circulating that the couple may have parted ways. This rumor started when Nicki deleted all of her pictures with Peso Pluma from her social media accounts. However, neither of them confirmed the spit officially.

To Conclude

Thus, I’ve covered everything about Peso Pluma’s girlfriend including her age, nationality, profession, and other details. Peso Pluma’s GF is Nicki Nicole was born on August 25, 2000, and is 24 years old. Being an Argentine national, she is a singer, songwriter, and rapper.


Was Nicki Nicole In A Relationship With Trueno?

Yes, Nicki Nicole and Trueno were in a relationship but the couple broke up in early 2023.

What Are The Famous Singles Of Nicki Nicole?

The famous singles of Nicki Nicole are as follows:

  • Wapo Traketero
  • Colocao
  • Mamichula
  • Mala Vida
  • Marisola Remix

Does Nicki Nicole Have A Tattoo On Her Neck?

Yes, Nicki Nicole does have a tattoo on her neck and it is “bulls***” in English.

Who Is The Ex-Girlfriend Of Peso Pluma?

Nicki Nicole is the ex-girlfriend of Peso Pluma. The couple had a controversial breakup where Peso Pluma was found getting too close to an unknown woman.