Who Is Peso Pluma GF? Peso Pluma Past Relationships

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Peso Pluma GF

There is a lot of confusion about Peso Pluma GF! Peso Pluma’s multiple affairs make him one of the most controversial artists in the music industry. In today’s post, I’ll reveal everything you must know about Peso Pluma GF, including the singer’s past relationships.

Peso Pluma GF

There are rumors that Peso Pluma GF is Argentinean-Ecuadorian professional model Gabrielle Britez. The Mexican-born singer and the model have been spotted together hand in hand at a festival that took place in Indio, California. However, Peso Pluma’s fans hope the singer will patch up again with his ex-girlfriend.

Now that you know who Peso Pluma’s girlfriend is, you can keep on reading further to know more about the singer’s past relationships.

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Peso Pluma’s Previous Relationships

Peso Pluma’s Previous Relationships

Many people still wonder about “Does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend?” Earlier, Peso Pluma was dating American singer Nicki Nicole. The couple first met together when they collaborated on one of Peso Pluma’s songs titled “Por Las Noches” in February 2023. However, their dating rumors started when the couple were spotted at Disneyland in July 2023 and then at a soccer match in September 2023.

In addition to this, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nichole also performed together at the Billboard Latin Music Awards by wearing matching white outfits. At the end of their performance, Peso kissed Nicki on the forehead and walked down holding hands. However, the couple confirmed their relationship a month later during Nicki Nichole’s show.

Peso and Nicole were in a six-month intense relationship and also publicly displayed their affection. The couple also made their first red carpet appearance at the Latin Grammys in Seville, Spain. Unfortunately, Nicole and Peso parted away after his viral scandal. A video emerged showing that the Mexican singer was getting cozy with a mysterious woman. Later on, the media identified the woman as Gabrielle Britez.

You can keep on reading to know more about Peso Pluma’s gf.

There were also rumors that Odelys Velasco is the new love interest of Peso Pluma. Odelys and Peso often used to hang out with each other. In a podcast interview, Odelys confirmed that they both were not in a relationship.

Peso Pluma dated Mexican popular TV host, model, and influencer Jeni de La Vega for a while. They were often spotted chatting on social media at the beginning of 2023 and were together only for three months. The couple later ended their relationship due to professional reasons.

The Mexican-born singer was also linked to the model Jailyne Ojeda. But later Ojeda denied any denied their relationship and explained publicly why they couldn’t be together. Apart from this, there were rumors that Peso Plumo and reality TV star Dania Mendez were in a romantic relationship. According to media reports, none of them confirmed the relationship.

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To Conclude

By reading the above post, you have got all the details about Peso Pluma GF as well as his past relationships. Just like people still don’t know Peso Pluma’s real name, there is a lot of confusion about his relationship status. The singer was in a six-month intense relationship with Nicki Nicole but the couple later broke up due to a viral scandal. Thus, there are rumors that Peso Pluma is involved with Gabrielle Britez. 


Peso Pluma And Nicki Nicole Collaborated On Which Song?

Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole collaborated on the remix song of Peso Pluma named “Pos Las Noches” in February 2023.

Are Gabrielle Britez And Peso Pluma Dating Each Other?

No, it is not confirmed yet that Peso Pluma and Gabrielle Britez are dating each other. There are only rumors about their relationship as they were spotted together at a festival.

Did Peso Pluma Dated Jeni de La Vega?

Yes, Peso Pluma dated Jeni de La Vega who is a popular TV host, model, and influencer. The couple was in a fairly intense relationship for about three months and then got separated.

Why Did Peso Pluma And Nicki Nicole Part Away?

Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole part away because Peso was caught on camera getting cozy and holding hands with a mysterious woman. This footage went viral immediately and then Nicole broke up with the singer.