Does Peso Pluma Have A Girlfriend? Singer’s Relationship Status

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Does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend

“Does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend” is one of the most commonly asked questions about Peso Pluma. Apart from his music career, the singer is also known for multiple romantic relationships. Today, I’ll answer your query: does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend and his current relationship status.

Does Peso Pluma Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Peso Pluma has a girlfriend whose name is Nicki Nicole. Peso Pluma’s girlfriend is an Argentine rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born in 2000 on the 25th of August in Rosario, Santa Fe. Well, Nicki Nicole is her stage name while her real name is Nicole Denis Cucco.

Nicki and Peso met for the first time during the collaboration of Por Las Noches – Remix. Later on, the Mexican and Argentine singer were first spotted together in July 2023 at Disneyland. The couple were again seen together at a soccer match the same year in September. Soon, Peso Pluma revealed his relationship status at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

The same year (October 2023), the couple performed together at the Billboard Latin Music Award show. This left their fans surprised and believing that the duo were dating. Later, Peso Pluma also appeared at Nicole’s concert in Mexico City.

After a couple of weeks, they two made their red carpet debut at the 24th Annual Latin Grammy Awards where both were nominated. In addition to this, Peso Pluma’s GF collaborated with several famous artists like Trueno, Nathy Peluso, Aitana, and more. Her music was also highly appreciated on Spotify.

Unfortunately, Peso and Nicki parted away when footage of Peso Pluma getting cozy and holding hands with unknown women started circulating. As a response, Nicki deleted all photos with Peso from her Instagram account. Her Instagram stories even confirmed that the couple broke up.

After clearing your confusion; does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend, you can keep on reading to know the relationship status of Peso Pluma.

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Relationship Status of Peso Pluma

Relationship Status of Peso Pluma

The relationship of Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole was a fan’s favorite. But the couple broke up their romantic, intense relationship abruptly. You must be curious to know whether is Peso Pluma single after breaking up with Nicki Nicole. There are several rumors that Peso Pluma is seeing Gabrielle Britez. They were spotted together at a festival and thus fans are assuming that these two are dating each other. However, none of them confirmed their respective relationship status.

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I hope you’ve now got the answer to the query; does Peso Pluma have a girlfriend? Nicki Nichole is the girlfriend of the singer Peso Pluma. As of now, the couple are no longer together and broke up their intense romantic relationship. There are several rumors that Peso Pluma is seeing Argentinean-Ecuadorian model Gabrielle Britez. However, none of them confirmed their relationship status or encouraged this rumor.


Why Did Nicki Nicole Break Up With Peso Pluma?

Nicki Nicole broke up with Peso Pluma when he was caught getting closer to unknown women at the Las Vegas casino festival.

Nicki And Peso Collaborated On Which Song?

Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole collaborated on the song “Por Las Noches – Remix” in Feb 2023.

What Is The Birth Name Of Nicki Nicole?

The birthname of Nicki Nicole is Nicole Denis Cucco. The singer was professionally known by her stage name “Nicki Nicole”.

Is Peso Pluma In Touch With Nicki Nicole?

No, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole are not in touch with each other after their breakup. Nicki unfollowed Peso on Instagram and deleted all of their relationship photos and videos.