Peso Pluma First Song: All About His Music Career

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Peso Pluma first song

Do you know which was Peso Pluma first song? Peso Pluma is one of the highest-streaming artists on Spotify. His followers are often anxious to know about his first song. So, today, I’ll tell you which was Peso Pluma first song and details about his music career. 

Peso Pluma First Song

Peso Pluma first song is Relajado Voy which means “I Go Relaxed” in English. The singer started his music career by releasing this song in 2020. This song helped him to gain attention and appreciation in the music industry.

The song Relajado Voy contains a blend of traditional Mexican music and the corridos tumbados genre. This song became a hit and helped him establish himself as a Mexican music artist. You can easily listen to this song on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.

After the release of his first song, the singer started making more songs with a blend of traditional and modern elements. You can keep on reading to know about the singer’s music career.

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All About Peso Pluma’s Music Career

All About Peso Pluma’s Music Career

Instead of Peso Pluma’s real name, the singer’s stage name was quite well-known. Peso Pluma’s main genre of music is corridos tumbados with modern twist. He even takes reference from American, hip-hop, and trap music. You must be surprised to know that Peso Pluma was inspired by regional Mexican singers like Ariel Camacho and the late Valentin Elizalde.

His first solo hit song was El Belicon which became the most trending song on social media. Peso Pluma’s other song Por Las Noches also ranked #28 on the Billboard Hot 100! Just like his singing style, the Peso Pluma logo is also unique and eye-catching.

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To Conclude

Relajado Voy is the first song of Peso Pluma which means  “I Go Relaxed” in English. With this song, the singer started his music career and since then has given several chartbuster songs.


Who Is The Girlfriend Of Peso Pluma?

You can check out this article to find out who is Peso Pluma’s girlfriend.

How Much Peso Pluma Charges For A Concert?

Peso Pluma charges roughly $48 for a concert. However, the actual price may vary depending on the concert location.

Which Are Popular Songs Of Peso Pluma?

Here are some of the popular songs of Peso Pluma: Por Las Noches, AMG, PRC, Ella Baila Sola, and Rosa Pastel.

Which Is The Debut Album Of Peso Pluma?

Peso Pluma’s debut album is “Ah y Que?” and it was released in 2020.