What is Spotify Duplicate Songs? How to Change Spotify to Light Mode

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Spotify Duplicate Songs

Are you interested in Spotify Duplicate Songs? Spotify is one of the top online music services. Millions of songs are available worldwide. Spotify is easy to use and offers many songs, therefore music fans appreciate it. However, it can take a lot of work to manage tracks and navigate the app’s features, especially with duplicate songs and customization choices.

What is Spotify Duplicate Songs?

Spotify duplicate songs are when the same song appears more than once in the same playlist. This can happen for several reasons, such as adding songs from different albums or packages or adding the same song more than once by accident. Too many duplicate songs on your playlists can make them less fun and more challenging to organize. 

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How to Change Spotify to Light Mode?

How to Change Spotify to Light Mode

Users who want to know how to change spotify to light mode can look into third-party choices and settings that affect the whole system, though:

Desktops users

Change the display settings on your operating system to a lighter style. This might make all your apps, including Spotify, look the same.

Web Player

To make a light mode effect on the Spotify web player, use browser add-ons like “Stylus” or “Stylish” to add your themes.

Mobile Users

Even though the mobile app doesn’t have a light mode, changing your device’s brightness and display settings can help your eyes feel better.

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How to Remove Duplicates in Spotify?

How to Remove Duplicates in Spotify

Here are the steps for how to remove duplicates in Spotify:

Manual Removal

Start up your music.

Go through the list and find similar songs by hand.

Click “Remove from this Playlist” on the right-clicked copy of the track.

Using Third-Party Tools

Let us know how we can use third party tools for it:

Spotify Dedup: A web-based tool that will find similar songs in your playlists and get rid of them. Sign in to your Spotify account on the Spotify Dedup website and then follow the steps to clean up your tracks.

Spotlistr: This free tool allows you to control and organise your Spotify sets and even remove duplicates.


Managing your Spotify sets well makes listening to music more enjoyable overall. Even though Spotify doesn’t have an official “light mode” yet, users can get around this using different methods. Keeping your Spotify library organized and adjusting the design to your tastes will make listening more enjoyable and unique.


Does Spotify have a light mode?

No, Spotify currently has no official light mode for its desktop or mobile apps.

Why do duplicate songs appear in my Spotify playlist?

Adding the same track from different sources or by accident more than once can cause duplicate songs to appear.

Are there tools to help remove duplicates in Spotify?

With tools like Spotify Dedup and Spotlistr, you can instantly find and remove similar songs from your playlists.

How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify only shows the total number of playlists likes, not individual likes.

How to Enhance Your Spotify Playlist?

You can enhance your spotify playlist by curating varied music, arrange them for flow, update periodically, add descriptions, encourage participation, and promote on social media to increase interaction.