What is Spotify Dark Mode? How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify Desktop?

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Spotify Dark Mode

Do you know about Spotify Dark Mode? Spotify, a prominent music streaming service, has revolutionized listening to music. It is significant to music enthusiasts because of its large repertoire, personalized suggestions, and simple interface. This Spotify tutorial will explain these capabilities and provide clear instructions to maximize your use.

What is Spotify Dark Mode?

Spotify Dark Mode darkens the app’s UI to black and dark grey. This setting makes the app seem more modern and easier to read, especially in low light. Dark Mode is beneficial for nighttime or low-light music listeners. Dark colors reduce glare and eye strain, making watching more enjoyable. This follows a more significant trend in-app and online design: dark modes are more popular because they look attractive and helpful.

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How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify Desktop?

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify Desktop

Do you know How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify Desktop? Multiple people may add, remove, and rearrange tracks in a Spotify Desktop collaborative mix. To create and manage a shared playlist, follow these steps:

Open Spotify Desktop

Launch Spotify on your PC. Enter account info.

Create a Playlist

Click “New Playlist” in the left menu. A box to create a new mix appears.

Name Your Playlist

Call your music unique. Also, briefly describe the mix to assist friends in identifying its genre.

Make it Collaborative

Right-click the playlist in the left sidebar. Select “Collaborative Playlist” from the options. A little symbol indicating sharing will appear next to the stream name.

Send Playlist

Right-click and select “Share.” To share the video with others, you can copy the URL, publish it on a social network, or send it via a chat app.

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How to See Minutes Listened to on Spotify?

How to See Minutes Listened to on Spotify

You can see minutes listened to on spotify by your listening style may be fun and valuable. To access your minutes listened:

Open Spotify Wrapped

Spotify’s Netflix Wrapped function personalizes your listening history. It will be available online and on Spotify’s app in December.

Navigate to Wrapped

Open Spotify’s Home tab. You should see Spotify-wrapped cards or posters. When clicked, they open your Wrapped tale.

Check Your Stats

Spotify Wrapped displays statistics such as your Spotify listening time for the year and highlights your preferred podcasts, bands, songs, and topics.


Spotify’s dark Mode, shared playlists, and comprehensive listening data make it more tempting. Dark Mode enhances interface feel in low light. Like Spotify Wrapped, various listening stat applications can help you understand your music interests and journey.


How to remove duplicates in Spotify?

You can remove duplicates in Spotify by switching between Across and In Same Playlists on the Duplicates Tab. Select duplicate tracks on the Duplicates Tab and press Remove Dups.

How to see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

To see who liked your playlist on Spotify is not possible, and creators don’t know. Spotify disabled this in 2013.

How often is Spotify Wrapped available?

Spotify Wrapped summarises your listening habits every December.

Can I see my listening stats without waiting for Spotify Wrapped?

Third-party programs like Last. Fm and Stats. FM can track your music all year.

Is there a limit to how many people can collaborate on a playlist?

There is no limit, although too many partners may make playlist control difficult.