What Is Eddie Murphy’s Height And Weight?

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Eddie Murphy’s height and weight

Fans of Eddie Murphy often wonder about Eddie Murphy’s height and weight. Eddie is a popular actor, comedian, writer, as well as singer. In today’s post, I will tell Eddie Murphy’s height and weight including other important facts you must know!

Eddie Murphy’s height and weight

Being one of the most recognized comedians in the entertainment industry, Eddie is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 169 lbs. Eddie has good height and physique which helps him get good roles both on stage and screen.

Not only does Eddie’s body measurements make him stand out but he also has talent and a charming persona that attracts his fans! His dark brown eyes and brush-cut black hair make him look unique!

Now that you know Eddie Murphy’s height and weight including his personality, let’s check out his age and birthday info.

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Eddie Murphy’s Age and Other Facts

Eddie was born on 3rd April 1961 in Brooklyn, New York City to Lillian and Charles Murphy. As of now, Eddie is 62 years old and lives in Beverly Hills. His zodiac sign is Aries and thus he has a dynamic and charismatic personality.

Being an Aries individual, Eddie is recognized for being independent. He has an impulsive, confident, energetic, and fearless nature! He is not afraid to take risks and try to explore new things. His unique personality led him to his successful career in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Apart from acting, Eddie is also exploring other creative adventures like singing, stand-up comedy, writing, and producing films.

Eddie Murphy’s net worth is huge and thus he is also considered one of the wealthiest celebrities in the entertainment industry. His hard work, dedication, and infectious energy inspire his fans across the globe.

After knowing Eddie Murphy’s height and weight, you can keep on reading to learn about Eddie’s earlier life.

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Eddie Murphy’s Early Life

Eddie Murphy’s Early Life

Since childhood, Eddie used to entertain people including his friends and family. During school days, he used to crack jokes instead of studying. His fellow students, teachers, and even the principal used to love his talent. Eddie also won the “Most Popular Student” award twice in school. 

At the age of 15, he started performing at youth centres, talent shows, and comedy clubs. Later, he became a famous professional performer in bars and comedy clubs in New York. Eddie earned a huge respect and love from people with his stand-up comedy acts. Whether is Eddie Murphy gay is also one of the most frequently asked questions by Eddie’s fans. Murphy joined the cast of Saturday Night Live which gave him the golden opportunity to present himself on a bigger platform. You can watch this video to see the best of Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live.


Eddie Murphy is a natural entertainer who is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 169 lbs. Eddie’s body measurements and talent make him stand out. To date, Eddie is still one of the most loved actors in the Hollywood industry.


What Is Eddie Murphy’s Height, Weight, Age, And Date Of Birth?

Eddie Murphy’s height is 6 feet 5 inches, weight is 169 lbs, age is 62 years, and date of birth is 3rd April 1961.

What Is Eddie Murphy’s Nationality?

Eddie Murphy is a famous African American comedian from the United States. His nationality helps him celebrate multiculturalism and acceptance. Therefore, you don’t have to be curious about whether is Eddie Murphy muslim.

Who Is The Current Richest Comedian?

Jerry Seinfeld is the current richest comedian whose net worth is around $950 million.

What Is The Zodiac Sign Of Eddie Murphy?

The zodiac sign of Eddie Murphy is Aries as he was born on April 3.