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Eddie Murphy's net worth

Have you ever wondered how much is Eddie Murphy’s net worth? Eddie Murphy is not only a famous comedian but is also an actor, producer, singer, and director. He is known for his show Saturday Night Live. His fans often wonder whether is Eddie Murphy Muslim. In today’s post, I’ll reveal Eddie Murphy’s net worth.

Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth

As of 2024, the net worth of famous comedian Eddie Murphy is $200 million. Eddie’s main income source was from the entertainment industry. Here, he was a well-established actor, comedian, stand-up comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, and singer. To date, Murphy earns over $300 million in salaries and backend royalties.

Eddie earned a huge fortune with his outstanding talent, hard work, dedication, and correct financial decisions. Apart from this, he earned a lot of money from his business, real estate, cryptocurrency, investments, and other sectors.

Eddie Murphy’s height, weight, net worth, and other facts are worth knowing. Now that you know Eddie Murphy’s net worth, keep on reading to know his earnings from different sources.

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Eddie Murphy’s Earnings From Stand-up Comedy Career

Eddie joined Saturday Night Live in 1980 where he used to earn $4,500 per episode in his debut season. The show instantly became a hit and his salary raised to $30,000 per episode the same season. However, Eddie also produced stand-up comedy specials Delirious and Raw which were a huge success and soon became one of the highest-grossing programs.

After four years, Eddie left Saturday Night Live in 1984 to start his Hollywood career. Eddie’s career grew tremendously when he established himself as a movie star! Many of his fans often also wonder whether is Eddie Murphy gay. You can keep on reading to know Eddie Murphy’s earnings from his film career.

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Eddie Murphy’s Earnings From Film Career

Eddie Murphy’s transition to the big screen from the small screen is remarkable! He gave several box office hits like Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, and 48 Hours. 

Eddie was paid $450,000 for his debut performance in the movie 48 Hours. Later, he was paid $7 million for the sequel of 48 HoursAnother 48 Hours”. Apart from this, Eddie earned $1 million from the movie Best Defense.

In the early 80s, 90s, and 20s, Murphy was one of the highest-paid actors in the world and used to earn $20 million in films. Currently, Eddie’s movies have grossed up to $7 billion at the worldwide box office! Thus, this makes him the sixth highest-grossing American actor at the box office. People love his unique blend of comedy, action, and drama. 

Eddie not only had a great on-screen success but also excelled in voice acting! His role in the Shrek series as the lovable Donkey was loved and appreciated by the people. Murphy earned $# million for the first Shrek movie and then earned up to $10 million for the second and third installments of Shrek. Apart from this, Eddie was also paid $14 million for this voiceover in Mulan.

You can keep on reading to learn more about Eddie Murphy’s net worth and earnings from other sources.

Eddie Murphy’s Netflix Project

Eddie Murphy signed a multi-year $70 million deal with Netflix in 2019 to create a series of standup specials. Thus, this deal boosted Eddie Murphy’s net worth further and also marked his return to stand-up comedy!

Eddie Murphy’s Real Estate Assets

You must be surprised to know that Eddie has several luxurious real estate assets in California, New York, and New Jersey. He even owns a private island in the Bahamas which cost around $15 million! According to reports, Eddie’s Beverly Hills mansion is worth around $30 million.


Eddie Murphy majorly earned his fortune through live performances, TV shows, acting, and real estate assets. As of 2024, Eddie’s net worth is worth $200 million which makes him one of the highest-grossing actors and comedians in the entertainment industry.


How Much Eddie Was Paid For The Movie Trading Places?

Eddie was paid $350,000 for his role in the movie Trading Places.

How Much Eddie Earned From The Nutty Professor And Its Sequel?

Eddie earned $16 million from the movie The Nutty Professor. For its sequel Nutty Professor II, Eddie was paid $20 million. He also got 20% of the movie’s gross receipts. Thus, he earned over $60 million in total from this film.

How Much Eddie Earned From The Beverly Hills Cop And Its Sequels?

Eddie earned roughly $14.5 million from Beverly Hills Cop and then earned $8 million from its sequel Beverly Hills Cop II. From the third sequel Beverly Hills Cops III, Eddie earned $15 million.

Does Eddie Murphy Own A Private Island?

Yes, Eddie Murphy does own a private island in the Bahamas which cost him around $15 million.