Eau de Parfum Vs Extrait: Which Is More Concentrated?

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eau de parfum vs extrait

A person new to the fragrance can easily get confused between Eau de Parfum vs Extrait. As there are various luxurious perfumes available in the market, these two fragrances are one of them! Today, I’ll discuss Eau de Parfum vs Extrait and reveal which fragrance is more concentrated.

Extrait Fragrance

Extrait fragrance is the highest concentrated scent that gives you a rich and long-lasting fragrance. It contains 20 to 40% fragrance oil and a lower concentration of alcohol. This fragrance is also known as Extrait de Parfum, Parfum, or Pure perfume.

Let’s quickly check out what does Eau de Parfum mean.

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Eau de Parfum Fragrance

Eau de Parfum is the most common type of fragrance found in the market. However, Eau de Parfum concentration is 15 to 20% fragrance oil and also contains a very low amount of alcohol and water.

Now that you know both fragrances let us compare Eau de Parfum vs Extrait to learn their differences.

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Eau de Parfum Vs Extrait Differences

In this section, I’ll briefly explain the Eau de Parfum vs Extrait differences.

  1. Fragrance Oil Concentration

Extrait is highly concentrated than Eau de Parfum as it contains more concentration of fragrance oil. In short, you’ll get 20 to 40% fragrance oil in Extrait.

  1. Packaging

Usually, Extrait fragrances are sold in smaller bottles that come with applicators or dabbers. On the other hand, EDPs are mostly available in spray bottles.

  1. Price

The cost of Extrait perfume is slightly more than Eau de Parfum. This is because Extrait is a luxurious perfume and also contains more amount of pure fragrance oils.

  1. Wear Time

When it comes to the wear time of both these fragrances, Extrait stays longer on the skin. Extrait will last for more than eight hours whereas EDP will last for four to eight hours.

  1. Scent Profiles

Extrait contains potent scent profiles with deeper Base Notes and strong Top Notes. On the other hand, Eau de Parfum contains slightly moderate fragrance profiles of Top, Middle, and Base Notes.

  1. Application

You can dab a few drops of Extrait perfume on your pulse points for a high-quality fragrance experience. Similarly, you can spray EDP sparingly on your skin for a long-lasting scent. The only difference is that Eau de Parfum requires reapplication as required.

You can keep on reading further to learn more about Eau de Parfum and Extrait.

Which Fragrance Is More Concentrated: Eau de Parfum or Extrait?

Extrait is a more concentrated fragrance than Eau de Parfum. Extrait will give you a luxurious, high-quality fragrance experience as it contains the highest concentration of fragrance oil. 


Fragrances like Extrait and Eau de Parfum are made of different concentrations of water, alcohol, and fragrance oil. If we compare these two fragrances, Extrait contains the highest level of fragrance oil and is thus intense and long-lasting. Even EDP is long-lasting but is less intense than Extrait.


Which Perfume Contains The Lowest Concentration Of Fragrance Oils?

Eau Fraiche contains the lowest concentration of Fragrance oil i.e. between 1 to 3%.

Is Elixir More Concentrated And Stronger Than Eau de Parfum?

In Eau de Parfum vs Elixir, Elixir is more concentrated and stronger than EDP. This is because it contains more concentration of fragrance oil.

How Long Will EDP Last On The Skin?

EDP will last for a good four to eight hours on the skin.

Where Can I Find Authentic Extrait?

You can easily find authentic extrait fragrances on Amazon as well as nearby departmental stores.