Whats Peso Plumas Real Name? Unknown Facts About Peso Pluma

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Whats Peso Plumas Real Name

Do you know whats Peso Plumas real name? Peso Pluma stepped into the music industry with his real name. But a former boxer suggested the singer and his group take the stage name Peso Pluma. So, today, I’ll tell you what’s Peso Pluma’s real name along with some unknown facts.

Whats Peso Plumas Real Name?

The real name of Peso Pluma is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija which is also his birth name. The singer is famous and recognized by his stage name “Peso Pluma” and not his real name. Peso 

Now that you know Peso Pluma’s real name, you can keep on reading further to check out the unknown facts about the singer! 

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Unknown Facts About Peso Pluma

Unknown Facts About Peso Pluma

Hassan was born and raised in Guadalajara where he stayed with his parents. During his childhood days, he developed an interest in music. At the age of 15, Hassan learned and started playing guitar by watching videos on YouTube. He stated that music became his therapy and helped him to express himself. However, Peso Pluma’s nationality is confusing as his mother is from Sinaloa and his father belongs to Lebanese heritage.

According to the English translation, the stage name of the singer means “featherweight”. This stage name was suggested by the former boxer Marco Antonio Barrera. However, the singer and his group took the suggestion seriously and took the stage name Peso Pluma.

When it come to the music career of the singer, Peso Pluma’s first song was not a hit. Well, his next song El Belicon became a huge hit and gained millions of views on YouTube. This song also helped him enter into the Billboard Global 200 charts. Gradually, Peso Pluma collaborated with several artists and gave great hits in the Latin music community.

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I hope now you have got the answer for what’s Peso Pluma’s real name. The real name of Peso Pluma is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija which is also his birthname. Hassan released most of his hit songs with his stage name. He gained massive popularity with collaborations with famous singers and rappers. This also put Peso Pluma into the limelight due to which he gained millions of followers and subscribers.


What Is Peso Pluma’s Musical Style?

Peso Pluma’s musical style consists of one of the regional Mexican genres “corridos tumbados”. The singer also mixes corridos with different elements of urban music, reggaeton, and trap.

In Which Song Did Peso Pluma Featured With Raul Vega?

Peso Pluma featured with Raul Vega in his song El Belicon which became Peso Pluma’s first massive hit.

Who Recommended The Name Peso Pluma To Hassan?

The name Peso Pluma was recommended to Hassan by the retired professional boxer named Marco Antonio Barrera.

Which Are Peso Pluma’s Popular Songs?

Here are some of the popular songs of Peso Pluma:

  1. El Gavilain
  2. Siempre pendientes
  3. Sentosa
  4. AMG
  7. TUMUM
  9. La Bebe
  10. Por las Noches