Bill Belichick Girlfriend: Interesting Facts You Must Know!

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Bill Belichick girlfriend

Do you know anything about Bill Belichick girlfriend? Bill Belichick relationships and professional life became more complex over time. In today’s post, I will discuss everything you must know about Bil Belichick’s girlfriend.

Bill Belichick Girlfriend

Bill Belichick girlfriend is Linda Holliday who is an American businesswoman. The couple started dating after Bill got separated from Debby Clarke in 2006. They often keep their fans updated by posting their pictures together on their social media platforms.

Now that you know who is Bill Belichick girlfriend, let’s discover more about her in detail.

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Linda Holliday’s Early Life

Linda Holliday’s Early Life

Bill’s girlfriend Linda was born in 1958 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Linda was previously married to someone and even has twins; Ashley and Katie. However, she hasn’t yet revealed any information about her ex-husband. If you want to know Bill Belichick girlfriend’s age, you can check out this article. 

Keep on reading further to discover more about Bill Belichick’s girlfriend.

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Linda Holiday Education Qualifications

Linda Holiday Education Qualifications

Linda completed her graduation from Boston University. Earlier, she used to live in the Southern United States. Here, she went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and studied radiography. 

As per her LinkedIn profile, Linda was a sports correspondent on Style Boston. She started working here in 2009 and still makes frequent appearances on this station.

Linda Holliday’s Personal Life

Linda Holliday’s Personal Life

Since 2007, she started dating Bill Belichick but they didn’t marry each other. The couple were often spotted together at the New England Patriots games and events. Bill even purchased a house in Jupiter, Florida for Linda. However, Bill and Linda are involved in a few charitable organizations. This includes the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the American Red Cross.

The couple were together for nearly 16 years and got separated in 2023. Linda, who is highly active on her social media accounts, has not posted a single photo with Bill since 2023.

In September 2023, the couple officially declared their separation as they were having problems for a while. As of now, Linda is majorly involved in the Bill Belichick Foundation where she gives coaching, mentorship, and financial support to athletes. In addition to this, the foundation even provides scholarships to those who want to join athletics. 

To Conclude

Thus, Linda Holliday is Bill Belichick girlfriend and the couple were in a serious relationship for 16 years. The couple recently announced their separation due to personal disputes. However, the couple were often spotted together at the New England Patriots games and events. Apart from this, Bill Belichick first wife and former girlfriend both are involved in several charitable organizations.


Does Linda Holliday And Bill Belichick Own A Dog?

Yes, Linda and Bill own a dog named Nike who is an Alaskan Klee Kai. She often posts photos and videos of dogs on her social media accounts. Apart from this, the dog has over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

How Was Bill Belichick And Linda Holliday’s Relationship?

Bill and Linda were quite passionate about their relationship. They always stood by each other’s side and attended several charity events.

How Much Is Bill Belichick’s Net Worth 2024?

As of now, Bill Belichick’s estimated net worth is around $60 million.

How Many Children Did Linda Holliday Have From Her Previous Marriage?

From the previous marriage, Linda Holliday has two twins named Ashely and Katie who reside in Boston.