Bill Belichick Relationships: All About Bill’s Love Life

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Bill Belichick relationships

Former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick relationships have been in the spotlight for a long time. Bill was romantically involved with only two women. In today’s post, let’s discover everything about Bill Belichick relationships in short.

Bill Belichick Relationships

Bill Belichick Relationships

Bill Belichick relationships were intense and passionate. Bill Belichick wife Debby Clarke was his childhood sweetheart. The couple had been together since their high school days and they got married in a private ceremony. They were married for almost three decades and even have three beautiful children. However, Bill’s growing coaching career affected his marriage adversely. Unfortunately, the power couple got separated mutually but are still co-parenting their children.

According to my research, the main reason behind the couple’s separation was Bill Belichick girlfriend. Let’s now discover more about Bill Belichick relationships.

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Bill Belichick’s Relationship With Linda Holliday

Bill Belichick's Relationship With Linda Holliday

Bill Belichick first wife stated that Bill was romantically involved with Linda Holliday while being married to her. Shortly after their separation, Bill and Linda publicly started dating each other. However, they didn’t get married but remained together for almost 16 years. Bill Belichick girlfriend often attended the Patriots’ events and games. Recently the couple parted ways mutually and have not been seen together since then.

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To Conclude

When it comes to Bill Belichick relationships, he was romantically involved with only two women; Debby Clarke and Linda Holliday. Debby Clarke was Bill’s wife whereas Linda Holliday was his girlfriend. Bill started dating Linda after separating from his ex-wife. However, Bill is now single after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend. 


Did Bill Belichick Got Married Twice?

No, Bill Belichick didn’t get married twice. He was with his ex-wife Debby from 1977 to 2006 and didn’t remarry again.

Does Bill Belichick And His Ex-wife Have Kids?

Yes, Bill and his ex-wife have three kids; one daughter and two sons.

What Was Bill Belichick’s Father’s Profession?

Bill Belichick’s father Steve Belichick was a football coach in the college where he trained several players and coaches.

Is Bill Belichick The Oldest Coach In The NFL?

No, Bill Belichick is not the oldest coach but Andy Reid is the oldest coach in the NFL.