Who Was Bill Belichick First Wife? How Long He Was Married?

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Bill Belichick first wife

Bill Belichick is known for his coaching but what about Bill Belichick first wife? Despite being one of the highest-paid coaches in American sports, Bill’s personal life is always in the media spotlight. Today, we’ll discuss Bill Belichick first wife and their married life in depth.

Bill Belichick First Wife

Bill Belichick first wife is Debby Clarke who is an American entrepreneur. Debby co-founded an interior design company named the Art of Tile & Stone. The couple had known each other since their teenage years and ended up marrying each other after dating for a couple of years

They exchanged their vows and got married in 1977. So, how long he was married, the couple were together for almost three decades!

When it comes to Bill Belichick wife’s age, she was born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee. You can keep reading further to learn more about Bill Belichick’s wife.

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Debby Clarke’s Early Life

Debby Clarke’s Early Life

She completed her graduation from Wesleyan University where she met Bill for the first time. Debby was very good in academic studies and even pursued higher education. This helped her a lot in her entrepreneurial career

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Debby Clarke’s Life After Marriage

The couple is blessed with three children; Amanda, Stephen, and Brian. They both always prioritized their children for their well-being and education. However, the family often loved to spend time together. This includes attending sports events, going on a vacation, having dinner at home, and so on.

Bill Belichick And Debby Clarke Belichick’s Divorce

Bill Belichick And Debby Clarke Belichick's Divorce

After being married for three decades, Bill and Debby filed for a divorce due to Bill’s career as a head coach. He often used to travel and spend more time coaching his teams. Having different interests, priorities, and values also dragged them away from each other. However, this took a huge toll on their marital life.

Over the years, there are also rumors about Bill Belichick relationships with multiple women.


Thus, Debby Clarke was Bill’s first wife and they together have three children. The couple’s married life was full of highs and lows. They mutually got divorced after being together for the longest time and still co-parent their children. As of now, Debby lives a peaceful life with grace and away from the limelight.


Did Bill Belichick Got Married Twice?

No, Bill Belichick didn’t remarry after divorcing Debby Clarke.

Who Is Debby And Bill Belichick’s Daughter?

Amanda Belichick is Debby and Bill Belichick’s daughter. She is also the head coach just like her father but works at the women’s lacrosse program.

How Old Is Bill Belichick Now?

As of now, Bill Belichick is 72 years old.

Is Bill Belichick’s Son Also A Coach?

Yes, Bill Belichick’s son Stephen C. Belichick is also an American football coach. In addition to this, he is also the defensive coordinator for the University of Washington since 2024.