Which Perfume Is The Strongest And How Long It Last?

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which perfume is the strongest

Have you ever wondered which perfume is the strongest by looking at the different perfume variants? The strength of a perfume majorly depends on its composition. Here, I’ll reveal which perfume is the strongest, how long it will last, and other perfume types.

Which Perfume Is The Strongest?

Parfum is considered the strongest perfume and is also known as Extrait, Pure Perfume, Extrait de Parfum, and Elixir. This perfume contains the highest concentration of perfume oils ranging between 20 to 40%. The alcohol content in this particular fragrance is very low or nil. 

You can keep on reading further to know how long this strongest perfume lasts.

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How Long Does It Last?

Parfum will last for eight hours or more on the skin. This fragrance has a longer staying power because it contains more fragrance oil and less alcohol. You’ll get a luxurious and intense fragrance experience throughout the day!

Now, that you know which is the strongest perfume type, let us check out the other perfume types.

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Other Perfume Types

Here I’ve listed a few perfume types based on their strengths.

  1. Eau de Parfum: EDP is also a strong perfume as it contains 15 to 20% fragrance oil and little alcohol. This fragrance will stay for four to eight hours and is less expensive.
  2. Eau de Toilette: EDT is another mild yet strong perfume as it contains 5 to 15% fragrance oil and more alcohol. It lasts for only three to four hours and is quite affordable.
  3. Eau de Cologne: EDC is a slightly strong perfume as it contains only 2 to 5% fragrance oil and a higher amount of alcohol. It lasts for up to two hours and requires constant reapplication.
  4. Eau Fraiche: Eau Fraiche is the weakest perfume as it contains 1 to 3% fragrance oil and a larger amount of alcohol and water. It will stay one to two hours on the skin.

All these fragrances are perfect for those who don’t like wearing strong perfumes. You can easily find these fragrances on Amazon, a brand’s official website, and departmental stores.


Thus, Parfum is the strongest perfume and is best suitable for those who want a heavy scent! It contains 20 to 40% fragrance oil and very little alcohol which lasts for up to eight hours on the skin. However, many people find Eau de Parfum the strongest perfume type. You can choose either one of these fragrances to feel luxurious.


Which Perfume Type Is The Weakest?

Eau Fraiche is the weakest and won’t last longer than an hour or two. This is because it contains a lower concentration of fragrance oil and a higher amount of alcohol and water.

How To Make Fragrance Last For 24 Hours On The Skin?

You can watch this quick tutorial to make your fragrance last for 24 hours on the skin.

Which Fabrics Hold Fragrance The Longest?

The fabrics like silk and cashmere hold fragrance the longest as they absorb more oil compared to other fabrics.

Can Applying Petroleum Jelly Help Perfume Last Longer?

Yes, applying petroleum jelly can help perfume last longer and is also good for your skin.