What Is The Difference Between Perfume And Cologne? Which Is Better?

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Learn what is the difference between perfume and cologne if you are confused about which one to choose! People enjoy wearing both these fragrances according to their preferences. In today’s post, I’ll explain what is the difference between perfume and cologne in brief. 

What Is The Difference Between Perfume And Cologne?

Here are the major differences between perfume and cologne you must know.

  1. Perfume contains a higher amount of fragrance oil about 15 to 20% while cologne contains a lower amount of fragrance oil 2 to 5%.
  2. Perfumes use high-quality fragrance oils and natural extracts to make a unique fragrance. Otherside, colognes use affordable synthetic compounds to make a decent fragrance.
  3. Perfume will give you a feminine touch whereas cologne is masculine.
  4. As perfume contains a higher amount of fragrance oil, it is stronger, more intense, and lasts longer than cologne.
  5. Perfume has heavier scents while cologne has lighter scents.
  6. When it comes to fragrance notes; perfume focuses on spicy notes and cologne focuses on floral and citrus notes.
  7. Perfume is used sparingly for formal or special occasions. On the other hand, cologne can be used on an everyday basis for casual wear.
  8. Perfume stays intact for a good four to eight hours while cologne lasts only up to two hours.
  9. There is also a huge difference in perfume and cologne packaging. Perfume comes in high-quality glass bottles and colognes come in low-quality yet durable bottles.
  10. The cost of perfume is also higher than colognes.

Now, that you know the cologne vs perfume differences, let’s conclude which fragrance performs better.

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Which Is Better: Perfume Or Cologne?

When it comes to strength, composition, packaging, and staying power, perfume is better than cologne. If you are not a fan of luxurious fragrances and want an affordable option you can go ahead with cologne.

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The main difference between perfume and cologne is that perfume contains a higher concentration of fragrance oil and a lower amount of alcohol. Cologne is the opposite; it contains a low amount of fragrance oil but a high amount of alcohol. Also, the staying power, strength, and cost of perfume are higher compared to cologne.


Where To Apply Perfume On Your Body?

You can apply perfume on your pulse points such as neck, wrists, behind the ears, inside elbows, and behind knees.

Is It Okay To Spray Cologne Directly On Clothes?

No, it is not okay to spray cologne on clothes as your clothes can get stained due to highly concentrated fragrance oils. You can check out this video to learn the correct way to apply cologne to clothes.

How Many Sprays Of Cologne Should I Apply?

You need to apply at least three to four sprays of cologne to get a pleasant experience. You can even spray more perfume as it fades quickly.

Does Using Vaseline Make Cologne Last Longer?

Yes, using Vaseline can help cologne last a bit longer than usual as it holds perfume much better.