What Is Oudh Perfume And What Does It Smell Like?

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what is Oudh perfume

While exploring perfumery, have you ever wondered what is Oudh perfume? There are several scent categories loaded with rich, potent scent. In today’s post, we’ll discuss everything about what is Oudh perfume, what it smells like, and other factors in detail.

What Is Oudh Perfume?

Oudh perfume is a perfume extracted from Agarwood which comes from Tropical Aquilaria trees. This natural scent arises when the trees are infected by a fungus named Phialophora parasitica.

Oudh perfume is known for its unique scent! You can keep on reading to find out what Oudh perfume smells like.

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What Does Oudh Perfume Smell Like?

Oudh perfume is known for its rich, woody, bitter, earthy, and complex aroma. Mostly it is described as warm, intense, sensual, spicy, and with slightly animal-like notes! Several fragrance lovers compare the scent of Oudh to the smell of a fresh forest, damp soil, or a barnyard

However, the actual scent of Oudh perfume will vary depending on the species of Aquilaria trees. Some resin will have a sweet aroma while others will have a smoky, rich, and balsamic vinegar-like flavor as they dry down.

On the other hand, Synthetic Oudh perfume will have a completely different scent profile. These perfumes will have less animal-like notes and be slightly sweeter. The fragrance of Oudh perfume will vary depending on its top and heart notes.

Let us now check out the wear time of Oudh perfume.

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How Long Will Oudh Perfume Last?

Oudh perfume is a potent fragrance and will stay for several hours on the skin. It can also last for a whole day and is most likely to linger on the skin for the longest! Oudh is often used as a fixative in several fragrance formulations.

You can keep on reading if you are curious to know how Oudh perfume is made.

Oudh Perfume Production

Oudh is a natural resin extracted from the infected Aquilaria tree. When the trees are infected, they naturally produce oily, dark, heavily scented resin to protect themselves. This resin slowly submerges into the heartwood of the tree creating agarwood! 

The perfumers then use different methods to extract resin from the trees. This includes distillation using steam and melting the resin. Once the resin is extracted, this fragrance oil is then well-crafted into Oudh fragrances. You can also check out this video to understand how Oudh perfume is made.

Now, that you know what is Oudh perfume, how it smells, and is made, let’s check out how much it costs.

Oudh Perfume Price

Oudh perfumes are the most expensive perfumes in the world of perfumery! Agarwood mostly costs around $100,000 per kg. This perfume is expensive as very few Aquilaria trees produce resin and it takes several hours to extract resin from the trees.


Oud is a fragrant oil extracted from Agarwood which comes from Tropical Aquilaria trees. This perfume is unique and different from other fragrance types. People enjoy using oudh perfumes to remove destructive and negative energies from their houses. It is one of the most expensive fragrances and is known for its woody scent profile.


Which Fragrance Family Does Oudh Perfume Belong To?

Oudh perfume belongs to the woody fragrance family and has warm, sweet, earthy, woody scents with a twist of floral, fruity, or herbal notes.

What Is the Shelf Life Of Oudh Perfume?

The shelf life of oudh perfume is roughly around three to five years. However, the shelf life of this fragrance usually depends on its formulation and how you store it.

What Does Oudh Mean In Arabic?

In Arabic, Oudh means “wood”.

What Are The Uses Of Oudh Perfume?

Here, I’ve listed a few common uses of Oudh perfume you must know.

  1. It is widely used for spiritual, therapeutic, and medicinal purposes.
  2. It helps to enhance mental clarity and ease obsessive behavior.
  3. You can burn Oudh wood chips to scent your home and clothes