What is Spotify Light Mode and How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

Marius Berger

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Spotify Light Mode

Do you know about Spotify Light Mode? Spotify fans have wished for years for a light mode to complement the app’s dark theme. Today, we will show you a quick and easy way to turn on Spotify’s light mode directly without using any third-party apps or downloads. This will give users a nicer-looking interface.

What is Spotify Light Mode?

Light mode improves readability and reduces eye strain in bright surroundings. Spotify may offer a light mode, but details are scarce. Spotify has only had a dark mode theme for a long time, making users want a lighter one. Even though the app doesn’t have an official light mode, our method lets users get to an iPhone light theme that isn’t visible. Users can change the default dark mode to a bright light theme for a better-looking Spotify experience using the Smart Invert tool in the iOS Accessibility settings. 

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How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify

Spotify needs a built-in way to see who liked your playlist on spotify. However, sharing your playlist with friends or followers and asking them to like or follow it will still help you manage it better. You should also use third-party tools or services that can give you information about how engaged your playlist is.

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How to Enhance Spotify Playlist?

How to Enhance Spotify Playlist

Here are some tips for how to enhance Spotify playlist:

Make exciting and varied playlists for different feelings, events, or genres.

Make joint playlists with friends or other music fans to get people involved in the community.

Use Spotify’s features to make your playlists unique by adding descriptions, custom artwork, and smartly arranging songs.

To keep your tracks fresh and up-to-date, keep up with new music and trends.


Even though Spotify doesn’t have an official light mode, our way works for people who want an alternative to the dark theme that looks better. Even though there isn’t an official light mode, users can still control their playlists and get more out of them by using different strategies and third-party tools.


Does Spotify have a mode for low light?

No, Spotify does not have an official mode for light users. Our 5-step method, on the other hand, lets users access a secret iPhone light mode theme.

How do I stop Spotify’s dark mode?

Smart Invert lets you switch between dark and light modes on your iPhone. Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn how to do this!

Why does Spotify not have a light mode?

There isn’t an official reason for this, but it’s probably because Spotify has its brand colors and design choices, mostly black and green.

How to make a collaborative playlist on spotify desktop?

On the Spotify desktop, open the playlist you wish to work on, click on the three-dot menu, pick “Collaborative Playlist,” and share the playlist URL with friends so they can add their favorite tunes.

How to change Spotify to light mode?

You can change spotify to light mode by the following way. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Per-App Settings, add Spotify, and enable Smart Invert to switch Spotify to Light Mode on your iPhone.