Peso Pluma Nationality, Family, And Birth Name

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Peso Pluma nationality often leaves people puzzled. Peso Pluma gained massive popularity by being a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Instead of Peso Pluma’s real name, he was recognized by his stage name. Today, I’ll tell you about Peso Pluma nationality, family, and birth name.

Peso Pluma Nationality

Peso Pluma Nationality

Peso Pluma nationality is Mexican-American and holds Mexican citizenship. The singer was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and spent most of his childhood period here. Later on, Peso Pluma’s mom and dad relocated to San Antonio, New York during his teenage years.

Now that you know Peso Pluma nationality, let us get the details about his family and birth name.

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Peso Pluma’s Family and Birth Name

In the music industry, the Mexican singer is known by his stage name Peso Pluma. However, the birthname of the singer Peso Pluma is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija. Peso Pluma’s family included his Lebanese ancestry father and Mexican mother from Sinaloa. Unfortunately, there are not many details available about the singer’s parents and siblings. 

The Mexican-born artist learned to play guitar and started writing lyrics in his teenage days. In 2020, he debuted with the album “Ah y Que?” but became famous with the album Genesis. Apart from this, the Peso Pluma Logo and stage name go well with each other and represent the singer’s personality.

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Peso Pluma was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is a Mexican-American national. The singer holds the citizenship of Mexican and has a mixed ethnicity. This is because his parents have follow different ancestry. However, the singer spent most of his childhood and teenage days in Guadalajara and later relocated to San Antonio, New York.


Are Peso Pluma’s Parents From Mexico?

Yes, Peso Pluma’s parents are from Mexico.

Where Was Peso Pluma Born And Raised?

Peso Pluma was born and raised on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico.

How Did Hassan Kabande Laija Get His Stage Name?

Hassan Kabande Laija got his stage name when his group was performing at a private concert attended by the former boxer Marco Antonio Barrera. He suggested the stage name Peso Pluma because all of his group members were skinny.

Are Nicki Nicole And Peso Pluma Romantically Involved?

No, Nickli Nicole and Peso Pluma are not romantically involved as of 2024. The couple ended their 6-month-long intense relationship after the singer’s viral scandal.