Perfume Oil Vs Spray Differences You Must Know

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perfume oil vs spray

Fragrances help us to stay fresh and happy all day. When it comes to perfume oil vs spray, you must be curious to know which fragrance performs better. Here I’ll help you to find the right perfume suitable for you by differentiating perfume oil vs spray.

What Is A Perfume Oil?

Perfume oil is an oil-based fragrance that contains a high concentration of essential oils or aromatic compounds. It is also known as fragrance oil or essential oil and is widely known for its longevity and intensity.

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What Is A Spray?

A perfume spray is an alcohol-based fragrance that contains a lower concentration of aromatic compounds or essential oils and alcohol. It is also known as Eau de parfum or Eau de toilette.

Both perfume oil and spray will help you smell amazing! You might get confused if you are trying these fragrances for the first time. Do not worry, you can keep on reading further to study perfume oil vs spray differences in detail.

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Perfume Oil Vs Spray Differences

Here I’ve briefly explained the differences between perfume oil and spray.

  1. Composition

Perfume oil contains 20 to 40% of aromatic compounds or essential oils with no alcohol. On the other hand, the spray contains 5 to 20% of aromatic compounds with alcohol and water. 

  1. Smell

As perfume oil contains a higher concentration of essential oils, it will have a stronger smell than alcohol-based perfume spray.

  1. Packaging

Perfume oil often comes in a small, portable glass bottle with a roll-on. Whereas perfume spray also comes in a glass bottle but with a spray nozzle. Thus, perfume spray is less messy than perfume oils.

  1. Application

When it comes to how to apply perfume oil, a few drops of perfume oil can be applied to your pulse points. This includes wrists, elbows, neck, and behind the ears. Perfume sprays on the other hand can be sprayed on your skin and clothing to distribute the fragrance.

  1. Skin Sensitivity

As perfume oil contains natural essential oils and zero alcohol, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. However, perfume sprays are highly flammable and can cause allergic reactions.

  1. Staying Power

When it comes to the staying power of fragrances, perfume oil lasts for more than 8 hours on the skin. An alcohol-based perfume spray will stay for at least four to five hours. This is because alcohol evaporates when it comes in contact with oxygen. Whereas perfume oil takes time to absorb into the skin.

  1. Uses 

Spray perfume is generally used to spray it on the body while perfume oils can be used in multiple ways. So, do you know what is perfume used for? It can be used in beauty products, beauty treatments, diffusers, and so on. 

  1. Price

Surprisingly, perfume spray is more expensive than perfume oils. This is because perfume spray often comes in luxurious packaging. Whereas perfume oils are cost-effective as very little amount of oil goes a long way.

Working with perfume oils can be challenging if you don’t know where to apply perfume oil. On the other hand, perfume spray is very easy to apply making it more convenient for touch-ups.

You can also check out this video to know whether perfume oils are better than sprays.


In the battle of perfume oil vs spray, both fragrances can be easily carried in a bag, car, or anywhere for easy access. You can go ahead with perfume oil if you are looking for a strong, long-lasting scent. However, perfume sprays are better if you want a subtle, light fragrance that can be reapplied as needed.


How Is Perfume Oil Better Than Spray?

With perfume oil, you can enjoy the fragrance for a longer period without any reapplication. It is less costly than perfume spray and also very little amount of product is required to smell good.

How Is Spray Better Than Perfume Oil?

Perfume spray is very easy to carry while traveling without any fear of staining clothes or any other surfaces.

Can Perfume Spray Dry Out The Skin?

Yes, perfume spray can dry out the skin because it contains a higher amount of alcohol.

How To Choose A Perfume That Suits Me?

You can easily choose a perfume that suits you by considering your personality, style, age, likes, dislikes, and mood.